Spell for Review

The Thunder's Kiss
CrAu 25
R: Sight, D: Mom, T: Ind
A lighting bolt strikes from an existing storm cloud, doing +30 damage to a single target it hits. Those near the target must make Size stress rolls of 6+ to remaining standing.
(Base 5, +3 Sight, +1 unnatural)

I based this off of Incantation of Lighting, increased range, but lighting strikes - from thunder clouds - are natural so the +4 is gone. I added +1 as it hits the designated target which is still slightly unnatural.

Did I make any glaring mistakes?

Seems like a fine spell to me.

Technically, I would say the spell ought to affect the cloud to create lightning and hence requires a Rego requisite and aiming roll to hit a target on the ground. However, I would accept the above spell for sheer simplicity and conformity with The Incantation of Lightning.

Have you considered adding it to the spells wiki? (link in sig)


I like it.

If you extended the duration, allowing you to "drop" a lightning bolt every round, at what point would it become un-natural. i.e. if one lightning bolt striking a man is natural, is ten lightning bolts striking ten men?

A good thought. I like the idea of adding an additional "unnatural" magnetude to raise the duration, possibly more than one magnitude when raising the duration to concentration or the target to group. I don't think that I'd go above two magentudes regardless of range/duration /target. After all, lightning from a storm is always more natural than lightning from nothing, and lightning from nothing has already been pegged at four magnitudes.

Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

From Wiki Grimoire

Call down the Storm’s Hammer
CrAu 25
R: Sight, D: Momentary, T: Individual
Cast during a storm, this spell conjures a lightning bolt which will strike any object or individual within sight range. The bolt will cause +30 damage and those near the target of the spell must make Size stress rolls of 6+ or get knocked off their feet.
(B: 5, R: Sight +3, D: Momentary, T: Individual, +1 slightly unnatural)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

LOL. And you have a cooler name for it. :slight_smile: