Spell guidelines for AVOIDING diseases

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In the core rules and Arts & Academe p. 45-60 we have rules for using corpus magic to improve recovery rolls against disease.

I assume however, that this implies that the target of the spell allready has caught the disease - that is, has failed the initial Disease Avoidance Roll against the Stable Ease Factor of the disease.

I was wondering what would be the spell guidelines for using magic to grant a bonus to this disease avoidance roll.

One idea would be to work from the creo corpus guidelines for improved recovery rolls - only preventing disease should be sligthly easier (one step easier), and preventing af specific disease should be easier still (two step easier)...

Give a character +9 to recovery rolls is base 4
Give a character +9 to disease avoidance rolls is base 3
Give a character +9 to disease avoidance rolls against a specific disease i base 2

Let me hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

An interesting question of world modelling. Can you target the disease before the person expresses it, given that in Mythic Europe disease is literally the symptoms, and that the underlying causes (humorous imbalance) do not appear, in any sense, before the disease? Is this like trying to heal a wound before it is taken? Is there a relevant target? Can you rig the roll by briefly making someone sick with a contrasting complaint, so that if the disease is characterised by too much bile, can you mediate it by giving them a sickness that leads to the production of less bile?

I have no good answer, but think it a very interesting question.

That are some very interesting questions Timothy...

However, since mundane medicine is able to improve the Disease Avoidance Roll (and aging roll!!!) with +1, +2 or +3 (according to Art and Academe), then magic ought to be able to achieve the same effect. Perhabs this should actually be a rego corpus spell (creo corpus with a rego requisite), since the work of the medicus involves regulating the bodily humors. It would fit into the idea of rego magic being able to mimic the work of any mundane craftman...

It might follow from this though, that the base level should be much higher than I first anticipated... Granting a +3 bonus to disease avoidance and aging roll requires medicine 7, so its not something easily accomplished...

I had hoped to design som level 25 CrAn and CrCo ritual spells alike to "The Bountifull Feast" (CrHe 35) - but targeting smaller groups of animals or people instead...

A ritual to ensure that your herd of Cattle would thrive for the following year, and a ritual to ensure that your village people would thrive as well...

  • but if the base level for granting Disease Avoidance +1 is not very low, such rituals become level 30 or higher and would both be very costly and also cause warping...

Sigh... No fertility rituals without warping I suppose... :wink:

I guess tyhat the thing would be keeping the humors balanced, moe than preventing a disease. If your humors are good and well, an imbalance is more unlikely. Or that would be my idea.My knowledge of medieval medicine is nil, so I am guessing here.

I'm thinking a strenuous ritual involving running, jumping and stretching. The ritual requires on to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and avoid red meat. It is best performed every day

That is infernal for sure.