Spell idea: Jump of Eolus

In an other thread, the reality of impetus reminded me of something that has been nagging me for quite some time....

Correct me if I am wrong, but IIRC in the medieval paradigm (argh! I used the P word!!) a stone would fall to the earth because the earth attracted the "earthyness" in the stone. In the same sense, fire attracts fire, water water and air would also attract air.

IMS summoning boulders above ground and make them drop around an enemy war party is a common attack mechanism. The boulders drop because they are stone.

M;y question would be if a mass of air summoned below sometyhing would make it JUMP up as the air raises to join its element (air, that is above or if it would not follow medieval physics.



Not quite. Earth and water have the natural inclination towards centripetal motion - that is, towards the centre of the universe. Air and Fire have the natural inclination towards centrifugal motion - away from the centre of the universe. There is no attraction per se. If unconstrained, they make these motions.

In my opinion the air would move upwards, but not necessarily with the force necessary to lift someone. Compare with Pull of the Skybound Winds which performs the effect you are basically after - this creates a forceful wind - not air - to do the job. Don't forget, Auram doesn't actually affect 'air', but weather. Air-as-substance doesn't really exist, just air-as-matter which is a component part of other substances. The Sphere of Air is composed of weather phenomena like winds, clouds, and so forth, not air as we conceive it today.



Well, I was after something smaller than the Pull of the Skybound Winds :slight_smile: ju7st a few metres jump, really. Something that can be used for mobility as well as attack :slight_smile:

Good point about air and weather. Hadn't thought about that. So, would a cloud (mom duration) be able to make someone jump a few metres (qwith the following fall if nothing stops it from droping when the cloud falls?). or would I need to make it a gush of wind?


Pull of Skybound Winds, Duration = Momentary? Meh, I'd buy it - why not?
(Don't see what you're asking, what you're hoping to see that isn't there. The effect, as listed, won't be smaller than the base for the PoSW effect, it's just a shorter, more acute duration.)