spell index

I haven't updated the spell index in a while I think that I'd add the new books.

My most recent version says complete through Transforming Mythic Europe. I recall that we've had Through the Aegis , Thrice Told Tales, Faith & Flame, and Between Sand & Sea. Are there any other books since December 2013 that I'm forgetting?

Oh Mythic Locations and Hooks.

That's 6 that seems right.

I look forward with impatience to see it!

Between Sand & Sea has none, is that right? No new hermetic spells at all.

Stench of Magic In Vi 25
Tounge of the Fishes In An 20
Wizard's Flood Cr Aq 35 Ritual
Eyes of Danibis In Aq Im 20
Danibus' Favor Re Aq 35
Return to the Flow Re Co 40
Arms of Neptune Cr Te 25

Thrice told Tales:
Prying Senses In Im 10
Rising Piety Cr Me 25

Any spells I missed in these two?

Mythic locations had only Mercurian rituals that need to be translated into Hermetic magic prior to use and a few ward against [realm} ghost spells that have no matching description (not that they need one).

Purification Cr Co 40 Ritual
Scrying Pool, The In Im 20 Ritual
Raising the auxiliaries for a Day Cr Me 35 Ritual
Penetrate the Rego Skin Cr Re Vi 25 Ritual
Blessing of Mercury Cr Vi 30 Ritual
Transformation of Flesh to Spirit Cr Vi Co 60 Ritual
Wizard's Initiation Cr Vi Co 75 Ritual
Consecration of Mercury's House Cr Vi 55 Ritual
Commune with Mercury In Vi 20 Ritual
Ward Against Faerie Ghosts Re Vi Gen
Ward Against Infernal Ghosts Re Vi Gen
Ward Against Magic Ghosts Re Vi Gen

Did I miss anything here?

Faith and Flame didn't have much either

Just this spell
Veil of Haunting Terror Re Me 35 Faerie Magic
a reprint of Revoke the Protection of Bonisagus (where I just added the second page reference and more of Fencil's rituals that I did not include.

Is there more in this book?

Through the Aegis had a lot (that's why I saved it for last)

Circle of Recovery Cr Co 20
Enter the Domain of Eir Cr Co 30 Ritual
Cossip of the Marketplace Cr Re Me 20
The Blinded Sentry Pe Me 5
Scent of the Gift In Vi 25
Wizard's Vigil / Day of Communion Mu Vi Gen
Master the Airy Spirit of Aquam Re Aq 30
Master the Airy Spirit of Auram Re Au 30
Master the Airy Spirit of Ignem Re Ig 30
Master the Airy Spirit of Terram Re Te 30
Summon the Airy spirit of Aquam Re Aq 35
Summon the Airy spirit of Auram Re Au 35
Summon the Airy spirit of Ignem Re Ig 35
Summon the Airy spirit of Terram Re Te 35
Tessa and Damen Wards, The Re In Co 60 Ritual Faerie Magic
Quell the Scent Pe Im 10
Palm of Hearing In Im 10
Palm of Seeing In Im 15
Palm of Speaking Cr Me 5
Chill Touch of Exposure Pe Ig 5
Seven League Travel Circle Re Co 35
Step Sideways Re Co 15
Sense of the Lodestone In Co 5
Sword Ward Re Te 20
Broken Word Broken Sword Pe Te 20 Faerie Magic
Traitor's Coin Pe Co 15 Faerie Magic
Footsteps of the Sacred Way In Co 10 Faerie Magic
Mistaken Step, The Re Co 30
Tremere Trench, The Re Te 20
Lion of Outlandish Size Mu An 15
Fur that Turns Blades Mu An 20
Endurance of the Lion Re An 20
The Lamb that Lies Down with the Lion Re An 30 Sensory Magic
Invisible Predator, The Pe Me 30 Sensory Magic
Roar that Induces Terror Cr Me 20 Sensory Magic
Aura of Regal Authority Re Me 30 Sensory Magic
Detect the Gift In Vi 20
Cool the Lover's Ardor Re Me 20
Create the Flowers of the Moon Cr He 15
Healthy Vine, The Cr He 5
Well Tended Vine, The Cr He 5
Sense of Faerie Power In Vi 2 Spell has no description
Baleful Eye that Pains the Beast Pe An 20
Baleful Eye, The Pe Co 20
Withering Eye, The Pe Co 20

There were also several reprints from earlier books that don't show up in this list (including a third name for the magic version of Demon's eternal oblivion. Was that really necessary?)

If anyone would like to look over the spreadsheet before I send the pdf's to Atlas and post it on RPGgeek pm me with your email. I'd love to hear of any issues you find.

Dies Irae, I found:

I skipped the Aetheric magic projects and discoveries/spells (p39+).


Ward Against Natural Imbalances of Nutrition ReHe 55
Ward Against Unnatural Imbalances of Nutrition ReHe Gen
Shade the Scorched Earth CrHe20, Rit
Corpus Blight PeCo40
The Soothing Balm of Telesphorus CrCo20
Mentem Blight PeMe30
Vim Blight PeVi40
Aquam Blight PeAq35
Arms of Nephelae ReAu25
Wringing Free the Tears of Zeus ReAq35
Auram Blight PeAu20
Animal Blight PeAn 45
Imagonem Blight PeIm25
Terram Blight PeTe20
Ignem Blight PeIg30
Viewing the Herbam Miasma (InVi(He)20
Moving the Herbam Miasma ReAu(He) 25
Destroy the Herbam Miasma PeAu(He,Vi) 35
Suture Gaias' Wound CrVi(He) 45, Rit
The Balm of St Francis CrAn 35, Rit
Seeking the Thread of Power In Vi 20
Snipping the Thread of Power Pe Vi 35
Magna Claustra Re Vi 95, Rit

New Guidelines:

Rego Herbam p85
Creo herbam, p85
Creo Animal, p 102
Perdo Vim , p 106

I updated it back in October and realized that there were only two books left. I'll look through Lands of the Nile then send out the final (barring error correction) list.

I'll get on the guidelines in a bit. First I have to finish packing up our home, close on a house, move into that house, and do some training. I'm just getting pdfs these days, and it looks like the last ones are just coming out. I'm still well behind on books, though.

Isn't Gossip of the Marketplace and Blinded Sentry already in GotF, in Imanitos Mendax' stat block?