Spell: odd uses for ReVi

Essential Legerdemain Techniques, ReVi 30
Base 10, +2 Voice, Instant, +2 Group
Inventor: Norbert Gunthar Verditii

Assuming this penetrates a magus’s Parma, this spell transfers all of their vis into a receptacle you designate at the moment of spellcasting. Use of this spell constitutes an unambiguous deprivation of another magi’s magical powers, a violation of the Code of Hermes, so you’d better do something to make them forfeit their rights first. Possibly, this spell could also be used to collect insubstantial forms of vis, like baby’s breath or a sighing wind.

This spell was created by the infamously amoral Verditus while he was researching methods of ripping vis out of creatures of Magical Might without having to kill them first.

Does this need to be Target Group, for multiple pawns of vis, or can it stick with Individual, for all the vis on a single magi? ReVi30 is a bit high to be hoping to penetrate with.

Base 10 for transferring vis, coupled with the ReCo teleportation guidelines, may have some interesting potential.

The challenges with this spell that I see are the nature of perceiving the target (in this case it's the Vis on a magus's person) and also affecting multiple types of vis. The vis has to be first perceived for this spell to be effective, one can't throw a spell like this at any magus and hope for the best, trying to strip off some vis. So how does a magus know if there is Vis on an individual? Well, use Intellego and scry on the magus. If you detect vis with the scrying spell, then this spell is just doubling down on your bet. :smiley: AS far as transporting all the vis on a magus into a (single) container on your person, if there are multiple Arts of Vis, I would force having to pick one, or at least introduce a spectacular result when all the different Techniques and Forms of vis are combined into one receptacle.

But as far as the level of the spell, it seems correct.

The magus is not affected, his Vis is. If there are several pawns, you'll need to use group.
You'll also have to know what Vis he has (as already mentioned) - you could use T: Room, but that imposes it's own problems.

Yes, which is why not everybody are doing this.

Just like RL, some stategies are better than others.

There is a very similar spell in The Mysteries. It also uses T: Group. It's not a mystery spell. It's in a box, probably in the alchemy section - no books with me.


It's indeed on p.40 of the Mysteries (second page of the Alchemy section). It's called Divide the Gathered Essence, and its main purpose is to split vis into multiple containers. It seems that T:Group is necessary because of this splitting. RoP:I, on p.122, has a T:Ind spell called Cleanse the Verminous Vis that transfers vis from one container to another in bulk (incidentally "scrubbing" it of Infernal influence).

Yes, as with the ArM5 spell, the amount doesn't matter. The issue seems to be with the number of containers. I expect this would be in either direction.