Spell Query number 2

Hello all

One of my players wants to create a spell to act as a handy man. This spell would allow him to take a pile of material, i.e. lumber, nails, etc and make it into something.

He wants a level of flexibility here so would it be possible to make a spell that can turn the materials into any appropriate form (e.g. a house, shack, cart, doorway, etc)?

If so what base kind of level would it be? It would clearly be ReHe(Te) but what base level?

If you have access to Covenants, there is a whole section on Rego Craft Magic.

You essentially want a Touch, Momentary, Group spell. That will produce the same amount of effort as about a day's worth of mundane work.

The caster has to make a Finesse roll to see how well the spell works and there are limitations on what the spell can do (it can't cut down a tree as that's Perdo, but it could turn a felled tree into planks - I think).