spell question

I was thinking about a couple of spells to use in order to be able to jump really good, and land nicely (like in prototype).

So the jumping isn't really that hard - gift of the frog's legs, only with sun duration.
The landing, however, is more tricky. I want to be able to take no falling damage. What combination of arts do I use? CrCo to instantly heal any damage I take from falling? ReCo to slow down right before impact? MuTe to make the earth soft right before I hit it? (BTW I know that gift of the frog's legs comes with a roll to take no damage. I'm talking about pure immunity to falling damage).

Help? Pretty please?

Cr Co to instantly heal isn't going to work without a ritual.

MuCo(An) to give yourself a set of locust legs that is up to the task seems to be a pretty stylish way to go.
Re Co to slow your body as it descends might be the easiest
The idea of always jumping in to mud puddles seems to lack style unless you have a ReTe(Aq) to keep yourself clean as well. (I'm, at the moment, to busy to calculate levels, sorry)

What about MuCo to change the ability of the legs to resist damage? You see, I'm not so keen to having locust legs... :slight_smile:

An idea came to mind - how about I make this as an item? To have the ReCo gift of the frog's legs (duration sun, twice/day) and the no damage from landing effect (let's call it "perfect descent") also at duration sun and 2/day. Do you think this could work?

Id say ReCo to make an "easy descent".

Considering RAW says momentum doesnt exist, there shouldnt be any need for it anyway.
Without momentum, the only force is from the spell, once its "off", nothing left to take damage from (unless you manage to fall extremely spectacularily).

Yeah I am curious about the idea that there is no momentum in Ars. So when you fall it literally is the sudden stop that kills you? I wish there were more "world" stories to represent the feel and paradigm (forgive the word) of Ars.

Alighting of the Nice Butterfly
ReCo level 5
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind

When landing from a fall or from another form of flight, the magus lands as gentle and precise as a nimble butterfly. The spell requires you to land on a single extended foot first, starting at the toe and rolling to the ball of your foot for a flawless and easy landing. Since it is such a simple spell, you must be in a position to land in such a manner, being that the spell cannot affect your orientation to the surface upon which you are landing.

((question: could this be made a Duration Momentary level 4 spell since there is no momentum in the Ars world? I mean granted you would have to perform the spell with some great timing, although the case could be made that the spell is Momentary and is concluded by the actually landing of the magi.))

Forgive my amateur attempts at making spells.

OK, you're right. I looked at the ReCo guidlines, and it said something about directing the flow of bodily energy (at level 10 if I'm not mistaken). Would it work as a spell to stop a fall?

I say add an extra magnitude to avoid damage from the spell and don't bother the details.

So ReCo 15 which makes me immune to falling damage for the duration of the effect? Works for me!