Spell Review?

Mantle of Boreas' Legacy

Perdo Ignem lvl 25 (30?)
R: Touch D: Diameter T: Ind

Reduces illumination to a 'best-case' of Semi-Darkness/Shadowy illumination in an area surrounding and following the caster for the duration. In this dark/shadowy area are convoluted/moving half-shapes. Not full images, just shadows shapes/outlines in the darkness that are constantly shifting about. This effect keeps the caster surrounded in heavier shadow most of the time, occasionally roiling away from him in the pattern of movements of the effect, yet mostly providing very heavy concealment.

( Base 2, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, Size +4 , Complexity +1 (+2?))

Is this workable?

I'd envision this effect providing substantial stealth/evasion abilities to the caster as well as scaring most mundanes rather senseless. Especially if coupled with a supplemental imagonem effect or two?

I'm also curious as to both people's estimates as to the size of the area around the mage that would be so effected by that size increase and to whether or not people think an added bump for complexity would allow the species that would be perceived by the caster (only) to not be destroyed, so that the spell's effects wouldn't hinder them?

I think that there is a couple of problems.

Individual target seems to suggest that you are targeting the light from an individual source within touch range. If you want to target an "area" then you need to have the target being a "room", "circle", "structure", or "boundary" --- of course you need to have a "room" etc present to define the area.

The size modifications merely increase the allowable size of the targeted individual. The base individual for ignem is a "large campfire". So, a size +4 mod, means it effects a light source equivalent to x10x10x10x10 = 10,000 times as much as a "large campfire". If a large campfire illuminates a circle 30 yards in diameter, which seem plausible, then this is an area of 706 yard^2. If your spell effects an area 10,000 times as large this is an area of 7.06 million yard^2, which corresponds to a circle 3,000 yards in diameter, or about two and a fifth square miles.

So, I think, your spell will reduce the light from a decent sized forest fire.

Whether or not that aids or hinders stealth is another question.

I'd want to consider adding a rego requisite as you are not just "reducing the light" but doing so in a semi-controlled manner. Possibly an imaginem requisite would serve instead. But I guess you could successfully argue that the semi-controlled nature was just an aesthetic effect (and so not need a requisite).

That wasn't my general impression. But the matter is slightly complicated by there not being an example darkness generating spell of individual range to settle the matter. Yet basically my interpetation was that the 'individual' of ignem, applied to light, would be to generate or destroy a given quantity of light... as one would fire, and my size increases were just to increase the quantity of light that was being destroyed. i.e. in the creo ignem spells there are numerous light generating effects using the same guidelines. So, my argument there would be that the light itself in various quantities, would be the actual target. Not the light's source. But I could be wrong?

As for the images/shapes in the area of shadow/twilight etc. Well, I envisioned those as being areas of just... for lack of a better analogy, scupltedness in the manner in which the light was being destroyed, rather than any generation of an image, or control of the darkness as a rego'd thing. i.e. ... the darkness is a byproduct of light being destroyed, rather than a created substance that is then being controlled. So my line of thinking was that this was just a refinement of the destruction process to 'sculpt' the darkness that was being 'produced' and letting it shift with the 'natural' filtering in of replacement light as it ceases to be destroyed in any given location. Perhaps a bit convoluted of thinking I'm not sure.

This I did think would require extra effort/design into the spell, and so I included a level for complexity for the 'shadow sculpting' effect.


Perhaps, but there is a defined Individual for Ignem effects (and it's not an area). And for comparison there is the spell Soothe the Raging Flames which removes the heat from an individual bonfire, rather than removing the heat from an area. An equivalent spell would remove the light from an individual light source, I think, rather than an area.

And there are existing spells that remove light from an area Gloom of Evening, Well without Light, and Wizard's Eclipse which target Room, Structure and Boundary respectively.

You are right that Lamp without Flame, for example, does use an Individual target. And while it does say it "has not apparent source", it is also confusingly "centered on a point indicated by the caster". So, effectively, I believe that the spell creates an individual point source of light rather than an area of light. I guess that the test would be if a magus cast Lamp without Flame on a rock, and then put that rock in a closed box, would the area around the box be illuminated or not? I've played that the area would not be illuminated, but perhaps you could read it the other way.

It may depend on whether or not you think Hermetic magic sees light as an independent object or whether particular objects have the property that they emit light.

Hmm. Approaching this from a different angle, has anyone ever attempted to design a Rego Ignem light ward?


interesting idea! That leads to another discussion. What form does a ward has? Is it a cylinder, a dome or a ball. I think this was discussed before, but I can't find it ...

p.s. to have a form ... is that correct English?

Depending on usage, yes its correct English. The only thing you missed in the whole post was that it should be "What form does a ward have?"

And interesting idea yes, at first thought i cant think of any reason for it not to work?

No, but it's a good idea.

Probably, something based on the level 4 ReIg guideline? It would prevent light either escaping or entering the circle. Although you could probably design the spell so that it was one way.

I don't think that would actually stop you seeing through the ward, from a Mythic Europe medieval mindset. But it would usefully prevent, say, someone wandering around at night with a light from being spotted by all and sundry.