[Spell] The Human Projectile

The Human Projectile (ReCo 15)
R:Touch, D:Mom, T:Ind

This spell violently throws the target up to 10 paces horizontally, in a direction selected by the caster. Although this does not by itself cause damage, crashing into obstacles is treated as if falling from 20 feet (+10 damage which is doubled when landing/hitting a hard surface or halved if the surface is soft). If no obstacles are struck, the target can control his landing on a Qik + Athletics - Encumbrance stress roll against an Easy Factor of 15, with two additional botch dice. Success indicates he remains standing, while a botch may result in an injury (proportional to the severity of the botch).

(Base 10, +1 Touch)

Sounds good. We had a trio of horse harnesses enchanted with a similar effect to break formations. It is basically a touch version of the CrAu (reAu?) Whirlwind of defence spell. The effect in the horse harnesses had the not subtle name of Cleaving Charge

A pair of grogs armed with gauntlets enchanted with this effect can do wonders to keep the enemy at bay (as long as they are not chopped down). A nice effect is that it can be used to "teleport"/launch friends as well across pits et al if they are not too large.

If I may suggest a classical cheesy name for the spell, like the ones in official publications, what about Leap of the Unwary Jumper?


Well, this spell is the kind of effect that I would easily see being enchanted into a weapon (such as a staff or a mace) to knock opponents away when you strike them.

An interesting feature of the spell is that he can decide the direction of the movement, so that he can push the target at a specific hazard (a tree, a wall, a cliff), not just away from him. And you can literally throw the target at his friends, potentially knocking down many of them. :smiley:

Potential cheesy names are legion. I settled on this one because it turns the target into a human cannonball.