[Spell] Wind of fire

Do you hink i am right with those spells :

Road of the four winds
Creo Auram
Level : 15
Range : Sight
Duration :smiley:iameter
Target :Individual
Create a blow of wind that gives a -2 to perception and ranged attacks to the target.
Base 2, +2 Diameter, +3 Sight

Wind of flames
Muto Auram (Ignem)
Level : 25
Range : Touch
Duration : Diameter
Target : Individual
Transform a wind into a gust of flames that deals +10 damages each rounds.
Base 10, +2 Diameter, +1 Touch

diameter duration is only +1 magnitude, not +2

However I would increase range beyond touch unless you want to be caught slap bang in the middle of the wind.

So Mu/Au(Ig)

Base 4, + 2 Voice, + 1 Diamter + 1 Increase intensity of fire, Free Requisite.

so Mu/Au(Ig) 20 V/D/I

Changes the air around a target to +10 Damage. According to the core rules an Individual for Aurum is the area within a standard boundary or an area 100 paces across.

If this is true you may want to add a rego requisite (+1 Magnitue) so it doesn't burn the caster or increase the range to sight (also +1 magnitude).


why base 4 ?
In the guidlines it's 1 level for 1 damage so it should be base 10 no ?

MutoAuram base 4 is change Air into another element (requisites required). I'd say this is a +5 fire so adding another magnitude (as per ignem rules) makes it able to effect and I'd say create a +10 Fire.


With the first spell, I'm not sure a "normal wind" would affect perception (or ranged weapons). I think that should be Base 3, "severe weather".

Exactly! A MuAu changes the entire wind - not just the wind "from caster to target". This effect covers a wide area.

Breath of the Open Sky (CrAu) has Touch range and starts right in front of you. I know I often rain on people's parades, but here I think that would work.

(PeAu) No rain here. 8)

Creo "creates" a wind - as defined by the spell, and the range. Muto changes an existing wind, all of it, as defined by the base amount - "a weather phenomenon that affects the area within a standard Boundary - an area one hundred paces across".

Big diff.

But the caster is not in the wind, so he's not going to be burned. When creating fire at touch range, I only see you getting burned if you then stupidly leave your hand there.

So now it looks like this :

Gust of wind
Creo Auram
Level : 10
Range : Sight
Duration :smiley:iameter
Target :Individual
Create a blow of wind.
Base 2, +1 Diameter, +3 Sight

Wind of flames
Muto (Rego) Auram (Ignem)
Level : 20
Range : Touch
Duration : Diameter
Target : Individual
Transform a wind into a gust of flames that deals +10 damages each rounds the falmes does not burn the magus.
Base 4, +1 Diameter, +1 Touch, +1 Fire intensity, +1 Rego requisite

Doogy -

Spell 1) If you believe that a "normal wind" has that effect on people, yes, perfect.

Spell 2)
Good solution. Note that the wind-flames would burn the mage, but they are being Rego'd around the caster. Other targets in the wind... not so lucky, so it's a very dangerous spell to use in a crowd. Or, the spell could be defined as "The caster can, with a Finesse roll, create a single "pocket" of safety around himself and any others...", something like that.

You should also define the area of the spell - "about 100 paces across, depending on the wind". Note that a wall or other barriers might block the wind. Even a heavy cloak would block the wind for a "Momentary" duration, tho' the cloak would be burnt, - but enough to run to safety, perhaps? And "Soak" against the damage might include this heavy clothing (esp wool) that would not slow a metal weapon.

The effect may have some odd mechanics if you start to think about it...


Um... despite the drawings we all did as 5 year olds, "a wind" very rarely has a boundary where you can "touch" it but not be "in" it. :wink:

Thx for your help guys :slight_smile:

Check again Breath of the Open Sky. Touch range, but the wind picks up in front of the caster, not around him. If he then followed with a Touch-range MuAu(Ig) spell, he'd not get burned.

The damage would be still horrible. Imagine a city or a forest in the way... :open_mouth:

HUm, saying about requisites.

Here we have 2 forms requisites.
What if the two "individuals" aren't same size?

Example: base 4 MuAu(Te): transform a weater phenomena in metal...

Huuuu... a 100 paces metal??? for level 4?

I'm asking myself if there isn't some rule about the size of requisites forms?

Very good one. And I am too lazy to check :blush:

Good catch.

Nothing specifically in the RAW afaik, but it's a good point, and solid grounds for any SG to limit or adjust the Base Level of a spell.

If a CrIg can only create an "Individual" fire the size of a bonfire (essentially engulfing/targeting one victim), is this spell balanced if it is about the same magnitude but engulfs a "boundary"?

Personally I would House rule that it changes enough air into an 'individuals worth of fire so a pace x pace x pace. This would probably be in a solid mass unless you add a requitie for complexity making it into a sheet.

I think that you may even need to add a part size to this rather then an individual or size modifiers.


The MuTe guidelines do specify that MuTe turns an individual of dirt (a lot) to an individual of diamond (not much at all). This does, however, cause some significant problems.

Turning a person into a diamond turns one individual into one small, uncut gem. So far, so good. Turning said person to a diamond statue of themselves (which on the face of it should be fairly straightforward, if high level) suddenly requires all sorts of size modifers. Likewise, it means that a spell turning you into water (Transform to Water, in fact) should produce a reasonably sized pond. Using MuTe to turn a stone to glass so you can see through it would cause it to pop out of the wall.

Given the transient nature of Muto spells, I don't really see any need to make the individual-limit apply since it makes a lot of traditional effects impossible and doesn't have too many long-lasting repurcussions. The fact that it means that it's easy to turn a lot of stuff into a lot of stuff, whilst sometimes useful and sometimes very dangerous, just seems to me to make a certain internal sense and reward creative thinking.