Spirit Immortal Magus with might = spirit familiar


Can an Immortal magus (due to great elixir) become a familiar for someone who has "spirit familiar" virtue?

I would say no. The immortal mage who "goes to the hall of heroes" is the only immortal able to be a familiar, in canon. You can, of course, change that for your stories (and the "living ghost immortal mage" would seem to be a very good candidate for such a house rule).

Alchemical immortality doesn't make the magus into a spirit; it makes him into a Transformed Human or something. So - no, he can't.

A living ghost, on the other hand, is a spirit, so in principle can fit. But it is limited to its haunt, and generally it might not be a good idea to do this, game-wise.

I agree that in principle a magus who Ascends to the Hall of Heroes can become a theurgic familiar (not quite the same as a spirit familiar!) - but I'd actually be leery of approving this. Such daimons/aspects can be too powerful, I suspect - as can living ghosts.


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No, because it's not a spirit, as has been mentioned.

Ghost Magi and Daimonic Magi? Yes, technically. But note that in any game where this is possible, the primo familiar becomes a dead magus who has good Com and is a good teacher. Who needs libraries or lab texts?