Spirits of Artifice

Spirits of Artifice from the old ArM5 Hedge Magic supplement seem to have fallen out of the new line.

Did I miss something or were they omitted from RoP:Magic?



Are you talking about old ArM4 ?
The spirits of inmivil thigs llike statues and so forth?
Well, it's suppose that the Magic it's un-human in some way, the manfactured objects need be really ancients and bonded with some mythic (ancients Gods, Old Cults, invisted with powerfull effects, bind with a spirit, etc) to have tether (influences over auras), or been warped.

Spirits of the Elements fulfill this role, basically. Unlike Elementals, these spirits can exist in worked matter, as long as it retains some of its natural form. That is, the spirit of a gold ring could exist if made from a nugget of gold; but there probably won't be a spirit of an iron ring, as iron comes from ore which would have been pulverised and calcined to extract the iron.


Spirits of Elements are not what I was thinking myself.More so, I would imagine the spirit becoming attached to the artefact after it was made, as a result of the items signifigance and use. For example, the Iron Ring may have been handed down for many generations and originally belonged to a late period Roman soldier. It may have attracted a spirit of duty and loyalty. And Genies. I envision the Jinn bbeing bound to Objects rather than Places; such as a Lamp or a Ring or even an Iron Box (all examples taken from 1001 Arabian Nights). A spirit might be attracted to or develop from a statue merely because of its magnificent beauty. Not an elemental, which is not a spirit at all (it is the actual substance). Rather, I would like to use a Genus Itemus (or however you would properly say Spirit of an Item or Object in Latin).

Which, I suppose, is just that simple. Use the rules for a Genus Locus, and simply replace location with an item. A Spirit of Artifice instead of a Place.

These sound more Faerie (obsessed with people) than magical (indifferent to people) to me.

Still a spirit, magic or faerie matters not. Still, it isn't about people, it is about Items. The genie of the ring does not care about people at all. It cares about the ring it dwells in and only about the person who weilds the ring (if at all).

A little doubt about spirits in general. Before the Mysteryes RE, and the Differents RoP supplements, the core rules saaid that all disembodied spirits, not only ghost, could be affected for Mentem. Now this is under Vim guidelines, correct? Now only Inteligent dissemodied spirits can be controlled with Mentem effects, no?


OK, thanks for the responses - all useful.

I'm thinking more of a constructed object, so Spirits of Elements didn't fit.

A spirit reflecting a Quality etc might work a bit better. Although why would a spirit necessarily become attached to an object other than sympathetic attraction?

I'm not sure about genii loci for a constructed item.

The Faerie vs Magic issue is something I wondered about - Magic is more aloof, perhaps Faerie suits a constructed item more?