Spring 1202 the trip to Mosul

After the first day of flying Xahansa eats what supplies he was able to bring with him, and arrives in Mosul after his second day flying hungry in late afternoon. As he approaches the city a spirit, apparently able to see through his invisibility, approaches him while he is still in the air and addresses him in a language he doesn't understand.

He pauses, and tries out his languages.

"Do you speak Kurdish?" in Iranian: Kurdish

"Do you speak Maslawi?" in Arabic: Maslawi

"Do you speak Turkish?" in Oghuz: Turkish

When you reply in Kurdish he answers in the same dialect "Please, sirah, land and remove your invisibility, that you may enter through the gates."

Xahansa nods, begins to descend, and lands. He tries to land out of sight of any ordinary people, so he can dismiss his invisibility without creating a scene. As he descends, he speaks, "Alright. Are you bound to protect the city? I'm here looking for a man named Darius, or my father, who is called Farzad." He will also dismiss the flight, and actually walk into the city under his own power.

[Do we need to establish how much money he has with him, or can we hand-wave it in light of covenant wealth?]

How much money he has on him is most likely a function of preference and weight- would he have brought more than enough to cover "incidentals"?

"I am bound, and I protect the city. I do not know most people in the city. Are you of the Order of Seuleman?"

Xahansa shakes his head. "No, I don't even know what that is. Is that who bound you?"

[Yeah, just incidentals. Though "fancy" incidentals.]

"Do not concern yourself with that. It will go easier if you do no magic while in the city."

Xahansa says, "Very well. I'm just here to visit. If you are going to announce me to anyone, tell them that I am coming peacefully and I am interested in speaking amicably with your master, or indeed with anyone who would speak with me."

"I will pass the message on"

Xahansa will walk on into the city, looking for his old childhood neighborhood.

At the gate the guard tries Egyptian, then Kurdish "Name, home city, reason for visiting?" You note he does not stop people with wagons filled with cargo.

(in Kurdish) "My name is Xahansa. I travel many places, but I live near Chersonesus, in Crimea. I was born and grew up here, and I am coming to visit family."

He makes some notes on a parchment and waves you through.
The city has changed over the past decade and a half, you can find the old neighborhood, but nobody you knew from your childhood is there, and many of the buildings are either empty or occupied by squatters.

He will then go looking for his parens' last known abode; but keeping an eye open for a good place to lodge for the night. Someplace fancy enough to deal with eccentric rich people.

He heads to the house of a wealth merchant that his parens knows, but when he gets there he is informed that his parens was arrested during the night and hasn't been seen since.

Do they know what he was arrested for? Was it by the city authorities?

They assume it was the city authorities, nobody gave any charges.

With some trepidation, Xahansa heads to city hall. He makes sure he has the shard of flagstone that gives him his connection to his lab handy, keeping it in his hand while he walks.

He arrives at the town palace where the entrance is flanked by two guards who stop you, and once again try Egyptian before Kurdish to inform you that you are not allowed in the palace.

Xahansa bows slightly. "I understand. Is there some minor functionary I might speak with? I wish to inquire about a legal proceeding."