Spring 1220, Chapter 2c, Spring Vis gathering

"The woman you describe sounds like Phessallia of Merinita. She is known for her cruelty, and flagrant disregard for everyone outside her own house," Little William tells you. "Jasmine might know more, but she's in the Alps right now."

Attravere lacks the skill in Chirurgy or Medicine to know that :slight_smile: If he asks Chayyim, the covenant doctor, he will discover that even if the wound itself heals without issue, the damage to the eyes is irreversible (by mundane means, anyway).

In mechanics terms, he has a Heavy Wound which needs healing, and Restoration of the Defiled Body would be required to restore his sight after the wound is healed.

After getting his questions answered, can Rhodri determine any of the following:

  1. When does the Tribunal assess quorum? Is it each tribunal? Is it continual?
  2. Did the covenant's active members ever fall below three at the relevant moment (based on #1)?

While working on spring/summer, should we include anything from this little adventure?

How much does it hinder Aequi, exactly? I know you said I could still sort of make out images, it would be the only way I could have targeted the Skinless One, and I know reading is right out - but do I think it would hinder covenant duties like Vim Vis Gathering or Lab Assistance? Basically, am I bumping into things and people and knocking over things when we get back? I'm either using Intellego to get around and planning on studying the "bright lights of Twilight", or doing whatever I can to resolve it. If it's not badly hindering me though, I may wait a season just to see if it goes away/heals on its own and then find a way to restore the sight or not.

  1. Rhodri doesn't have access to any books on Tribunal Lore, but he does live at the site of a Mercer House. Assuming he thinks to ask the local Redcaps, he finds them polite and helpful but no one really seems to know that off the top oftheir heads, and they are unlikely to be willing to invest any time into doing any research on his behalf.

  2. Until you guys showed up, Liliana was the only active member, if Lamentus and Leona are both truly in Final Twilight. Lamentus is definitely more there than here, but is current on covenant service; Leona is well behind on her duties. So even if both are declared in mens sana there would still have been only two members in good standing prior to y'all's arrival.

Everyone receives two adventure experience. Aequi receives a Confidence point for making the adventure particularly fun for the SG :slight_smile:

Aequi is totally blind-- he could perceive the demon for the purposes of a Voice range spell because he both knew it was there and could hear it moving around. While Aequi is enjoying some very bizarre light shows in his head, he's completely and totally blind as far as the real world is concerned.

So yes, quite hampered without very high level Intellego magics. If you're getting around that way I need casting totals and effect breakdowns so I can figure out how many dice to roll for possible botches.

How about the tribunal breakdown/overview and/or eccentricities?

Is word within the Mercere house of Desiderius favorable? Does good work, offers a decent price..? (Does/does not look down on the un-gifted members of the house?)

Something that both Rhodri and Attravere were curious - since when exactly was the covenant inquorate according to the information gathered? When did the covenant fall below the required 3 active members? (Important as it may strongly affect what Attravere is planning for the Spring/Summer)

Phessallia's eccentricities? "She likes pain," William states disgustedly.

As for the tribunal, it takes place at Blackthorn, where the presiding Quaesitor and tribunal praeco live. The first day is formalities-- first off is the presenting apprentices and such. Matters of protocol come next, any kind of tribunal business that affects how things run. The second day is when any personal orders of business are brought up-- any grievances between magi or covenants would be presented then. The third day is when all the voting takes place and judgments are rendered.

The way it's worded, membership status must be constantly maintained (five seasons of service per seven year period), and should one fall behind then their membership is invalid for the entire seven year period (a magus who is lax on covenant duty owes the covenant for use of its resources if they have been enjoying the benefits of full membership without paying their dues, so to speak). So technically the covenant became inquorate at the end of the last seven year period, which was 1214.

Ahh... I did not realize how severe the impairment was. Does Vis Extraction require a lot of movement then? With the limited Covenant funds, one good Conc. duration Intellego Terram burst in his lab should give him enough time to set up an extraction station and a clear path between his bed and the station. Then he'd spend most of his time extracting vis to get enough to pay for the service of curing his blindness. He'll tell his sodales his plans after they enjoy the apple tarts and he's run into the table/doorway for the umpteenth time.

And when was the last Tribunal?

Vis extraction doesn't require a lot of movement, but it does require your attention, as it's a season long activity. Without Hermetic Alchemy you can't set it up and leave it alone for the rest of the season, plus the ease factor for maintaining concentration on a spell while undertaking other Hermetic activities is likely to be pretty high. House Mercere would be more than happy to broker a (high interest) loan, as they haven't gotten their pound of flesh out of you yet and you're useless to them blind :wink:

Summer 1215.

Ah, so the covenant was short of quorum at the last Tribunal. Rhodri suggest the covenant re-register all vis claims and the like immediately.

Sinmore spends the rest of Spring healing. If possible she'll talk to servants and such, maybe trying to learn more about the Covenant (Area Lore) but not counting on it.

In Summer she'll start trying to draw vis out of the ether, I assume she has a proper lab at this point? Does the Creo enhancement add to the vis that can be drawn? And she'll thank Rhodri profusely for the sword and practice with it when she can. She also probably wakes up in strange places now and then also.

I'll get the lab total added up once I know the details, thanks.

The aura gives +10 Creo instead of its usual +5. Vis extraction is CrVi, so I would assume it would apply.

I'd assume that too, but I've done plenty of assuming this game so far and been wrong a bunch.

There is a standard lab for guest use in the tower; Sinmore may use it so long as no one who outranks her needs it (probably just Tabanus, everyone else has one).

The aura is Creo aligned and adds an extra +5 to any Creo related lab activities, and yes that includes a Creo Vim lab total for vis extraction.

Her lab total then would be 28. Would experimenting possibly help increase this lab score? She'd like to pull 3 pawns out and she's very close. I don't have my book with me, I can't recall if experimenting works (I don't think it does).

Uh, 28 already provides 3 pawns. If you don't mind pushing yourself, work extra (early riser, nocturnal, etc.) and you can reach 31 for 4 pawns fairly easily.