Spring 1220, Chapter 2c, Spring Vis gathering

(Oooh, nice penetration.)

When he shrugs it off, "Aaawww... Ouch... Thank you. I will be seeing you at Tribunal. By your own claim this Vis does not belong to you and I have not breached the code, so you attacked a fellow magus without provocation and without declaration of Wizard's War - quite a serious crime. And you deem to call me the foolish child."

While licking his wounds, "Oh, we will have our memories checked. I at least welcomed you in the name of a Hermetic covenant, while you did what to identify yourself? That makes your defense even weaker. How is it this "foolish child," Rhodri of Verditius, bests you so easily? Now, as for your Vis claim, it will not be valid until Tribunal, but that really won't matter now that the Quaesitores will have you hand it all and then some to me in recompense."

((As an aside-- in this saga, Stonehenge is peculiar in that all vis sources within the tribunal boundaries are property of the Tribunal; harvesting rights are granted as a lease to individual covenants based on essentially a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a throwback to the Schism War, when two Diedne covenants relocated to Normandy and tried to retain control of their vis sources.))

And, to his sodales but overly loud enough for the Merinita to hear, "Soldales, do you find it suspicious that we were held up by a demon just long enough for this Merinita to collect all the Vis?"

The woman laughs delightedly. "Your naivete is charming." With that, she walks away, vis in tow. Desiderius sighs and gathers up his robes to follow her.

Though under conflicting circumstances," Aequi starts vaguely in the right direction, "it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Magus Desiderius. Cooperation and growth through conflict and competition - may future verbal exchanges be a little more... fruitful shall we say in mutual growth."

He turns and smiles at Aequi's words. "Indeed, yound friend. If those... cataracts? are bothering you, come see me at Voluntas and I can cure your sight. I would offer a vis discount for the opportunity to investigate such a novel affliction. Until we meet again."

Once they've left, "While I'm hurt, I can proceed, especially if someone could temporarily magically bandage me. We should get to the next site as soon as possible. We can't let everyone just run off with our Vis."

The grogs nod confidently, ready to proceed to the next location.
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When the party arrives at Morgana's tree, it is found tobe devoid of any golden apples. The return to the covenant is uneventful.

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"Okay, I'm a good natured sort and I tried to put on a good face earlier," Aequi grouses, disgruntled, "but this is ridiculous. The elder maga was right - I need to study up on the Peripheral Code; there has to be a way to dispute the loss of quorum with the Praeco now, or at least this year so we can legally fight off these... the rest of the Covenant. And based on Magus Desiderius's statements, it sounds like it's been lost for over four years. Lamentus never mentioned." He sighs, "Or if he did, he mentioned it in a meandering path through history and future that I need better Twilight glasses to decode."

"A good apple tart seems poor compensation but let's gather what we can," he decides, pulling out a small sack. Aequi will spont a quick Intellego Herbam Hunt for the Wild Apple(Herb) so he can help collect, even with his poor vision.

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When Aequi gets back to the Covenant, he will formally sign the Charter and ask Lamentus if he has any use for him (He still owes Lamentus a season of "Covenant Duties", be it lab assistance, vis production, or Covenant assistance for teaching him last season). If not, he'll defer the Covenant duties again to hunt for a Code of Hermes teacher (or book), if available.

The apples are delicious and do, in fact, make wonderful tarts.

Lamentus is having a spell and Aequi cannot get a straight answer out of him.

At this point we can advance through summer if no one has any objections. Please let me know what your character is doing with spring and summer.

Since it seems like it is becoming relevant, just how is quorum described in the charter? I saw the notes on membership but didn't see that.


On the Tribunal side, a minimum of three magi is required for recognition as a covenant.

On the covenant side, quorum is defined as 75% of active members being in good standing. Active members are everyone whose signatures are on the charter (a member's name is struck out upon joining a different covenant, or death or Final Twilight). Good standing requires being current on covenant service and attendance at 50% +1 of all council meetings in a year.

There are also definitions for quorum on official council meetings but that's largely irrelevant unless someone has plans to stage a coup on the positions of covenant librarian or covenant defensor :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to figure out just how long we hadn't had quorum or if perhaps we always have but haven't been able to show it. Rhodri will ask back at the covenant about this.

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I'll advance communal grogs and other covenfolk once per year.

The others are back at the covenant so Tabanus can chime in at any time!

Upon their return Attravere will speak with the members of his house to find out more about Desiderius and his companion from Voluntas as well as our covenant's status of being inquorate and how long that has been going on. As great William is the tribunal scribe Attravere will seek him out and see whether he could give him a rough breakdown and overview of the tribunal eccentricities (political and social) and anything he thinks might be interesting.

Reflecting on Desiderius' offer to Aequi, he will check what the current rate of such healing is. If affordable and word of Desiderius is favorable Attravere might just advise Aequi to take him up on the offer. (What would be the appropriate spell to fix Aequi's condition?)

"The woman you describe sounds like Phessallia of Merinita. She is known for her cruelty, and flagrant disregard for everyone outside her own house," Little William tells you. "Jasmine might know more, but she's in the Alps right now."

Attravere lacks the skill in Chirurgy or Medicine to know that :slight_smile: If he asks Chayyim, the covenant doctor, he will discover that even if the wound itself heals without issue, the damage to the eyes is irreversible (by mundane means, anyway).

In mechanics terms, he has a Heavy Wound which needs healing, and Restoration of the Defiled Body would be required to restore his sight after the wound is healed.