Spring 1220, Chapter 2c, Spring Vis gathering

((Tabanus does need to extract some Vis if he wants to purchase that Longevity Ritual, but Serf's Parma on whether he'll require a Laboratory such a mundane seasonal activity))

I don't think you ever advanced Tabanus past Gauntlet, did you? So does he need a ritual yet if ge's freshly gaunleted?

I did advance him, but did so by simply updating the numbers rather than providing a season-by-season run -down :blush: . In any case, he has a low Creo Vim total and so will have to start saving his pennies as it were if he wants to afford that Ritual!

There are plenty of magi, particularly in Stonehenge, who don't want to spend their own time teaching apprentices Latin and literacy. Why not teach for income? You're required to do so to maintain your status as Magister, anyway.

Sinmore could be up for that, she actually has a decent Communication, if she picks up some teaching that would work even better.

My comment was regarding Tabanus. No one is going to pay a Flambeau with +1 Com and no Good Teacher to teach their apprentice anything. Is there some reason Sinmore is going to become interested in learning how to teach when she herself is years and years away from being able to take her own apprentice?

Well sniff! :frowning: When you put it like that, I guess not...

She's basically looking to make herself useful. In her opinion she's had a bit of a rocky start at the covenant so far, but she's definitely better at some things other than teaching. I had also mistaken her Presence for Communication.

From each according to his ability... :slight_smile: Why not make a giant flaming arbalest for covenant defense? Also might want to sign the charter at some point (Aequi too).

She'll also sign the charter in Summer and wih the 4 pawns of vis (she'll use more work in her lab to achieve the extra 3 points needed) she'll pay off Rhodri for the sword and pocket the pawn of vis. The season after that, a flaming item of some kind would be great, but she was also thinking of working on Healing Rituals/spells for people that are Size +2 (her and Williaim for example). After her recent experience plus the Creo bonus the aura gives, healing spells for her size are a good idea.

edit also, since William is a Redcap, maybe there could be money/acclaim and such, he could pretty easily get copies out to either Giant Blooded Magi, or covenants that have Giant Blooded custos for healing spells and rituals.

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that you can't push yourself in the lab while recovering from a wound.

I should be healed by Summer when I'd be in the lab. She needed only a week and a month in Spring to heal the remaining would after meeting with what's-her-name, I assumed that meant in Summer she'd be healed.

I know I have other options, but none seem very promising or worth the time. Can't study from a book, can't extract Vis, can't really perform any Covenant duties, could learn from a teacher but I have no vis to pay for one - Aequi will ask Attravere to help him contact a Mercare Vis Broker to set up one of those [high interest] loans so he can go to Voluntas and get cured over Summer by Desiderius - and to send Desiderius a missive that I would like to take him up on his offer for a discounted cure.

((OOC:I realize Aequi is coming from an extreme position of weakness, so there's no way I'm going to get a good deal, and the Mercare Vis Brokers are the kings of Bargains and Fast Talk(Guile), but Aequi's throwing every ounce of his Com +3 and Bargain +7 + d10 at trying to mitigate his debt. I'll also Bargain, again from a position of weakness because in the end I pretty much have to accept his offer, with Desiderius about Cost.))

1221, Spring - +1 Confidence Point (Yay!), 2 Adventure XP spent on Charm 2[17], and with little else to do without being able to see I will Practice a spell for mastery by casting it repeatedly - Wizard's Dodge, mastering for Fast-Casting, Practice Q5.
1221, Summer - Exposure in Bargaining, if my above actions past muster.

Attravere will speak with his good friend Guglielmo about registering those covenant vis sources and for his Spring season plan an introductory course for himself with the covenants and magi of the tribunal. (Possibly seeing whether Great William might be willing to help teach Attravere about the tribunal - thinking a tour of the covenants in the tribunal might be in order with Desiderius and Phessallia's being a fair priority)

For the second season...

What do the covenant's magical resources look like? Is there enough vis to do some enchanting for covenant service? Do we have any ritual spells being used on an annual basis? How do the covenant's mundane finances stand? (Have Rhodri and Tabanus' efforts yielded any fruit?)

Guglielmo would love to help Attravere but his workload is heavy and his duties would suffer if he took time to do so. Instead he suggests that Attravere spend the spring travelling with Jasmine Merceris-- her invisible flying skiff is big enough for two :slight_smile:

Not only does the covenant have no vis, but it's in debt to House Mercere for the last two Aegis castings. The mundane finances are doing a bit better since Rhodri's sales; taxes were barely scraped by.

After Aequi returns to the covenant, as soon as his injury is made known, Stefan insists on taking him to see Liliana. (See PM.)

Once the damage itself is healed, Aequi needs a lv25 Restoration of the Defiled Body to remove the blindness effect once the damage is healed. So the raw cost he needs would be 11 pawns; however, Desiderius is interested in the unusual nature of the blindness, and has offered to cast the spells at only what it costs him to cast it, which is two pawns, in exchange for a bit of your time as he investigates the nature of the wound-- a little less than a week.

The downside of this is that Aequi soon notices that the stench of rotting flesh he noticed at Myrddin's Well must be some kind of Twilight scar, because it's definitely coming from Desiderius himself :stuck_out_tongue:

House Mercere will lend you two pawns of Corpus that you can pay back as three pawns within a year, or five pawns if more than a year. Add another 30% if you pay them back in Vim.

((Very well then, Tabanus will put out the word that he's willing to tutor appretices in Academic Abilities in exchange for Vis))

((As for Kui's question, unfortunately the answer is no. In fact, our taxes have been increased... :frowning: )

Attravere will thank his friend and take him up on the suggestion if Jasmine would be so inclined as to help him get acquainted with the tribunal during the Spring. He will consult with Parsifal to find out which Mercere have had longevity rituals.
On the side Attravere will ask about who has a fair Summa on Terram as the Covenant Library does not have one and his own interest in Mercere portals follows that route.

(Given that the covenant has had to borrow vis to cast the aegis I am guessing it has no other rituals currently running. Does the covenant have any permanent magical effects? Covenant magical items?)

At some point Attravere will inquire as to the full list of the covenant's vis sources.

For the second season Attravere will be experimenting with a group-version of 7-league stride.