Spring 1220: Seeing is Believing

"I have spells that will enable me to move, breathe, and see underwater," Magnus replies. "I'm hesitant to take on another form until I'm certain that I can easily return to my normal shape."

I'm not familiar with that spell, but I wager it has a Duration of Sun. That means that we'd all be stuck as merfolk until dusk, absent a powerful counterspell.

OCC: I understand that. I cannot do it tonight, because I have something, but this is definitely something I will do tomorrow. To be honest, I got sidetracked by the workbook calculations. I intended to take it already and since it makes the story move forwards, I went with it. I will try to keep that to a minimum.

It is a spell from legend of hermes p.105, but basically it does what you said.

Ah, Legend of Hermes is one of the few books I don't have.

Meliai considers "perhaps a brief dip" she hangs her charms from the branch of a tree, revealing she wears no actual clothes beneath, and proceeds to the waters edge to test the waters.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'charms.' Wasn't she wearing some form of clothes? If she wasn't, that would have been worth noting. It certainly would have shaded some reactions to her.

Her charms are woven bits of cloth that she hangs in loops around her body. I in fact did note this in her introduction: here

Constantine smiles as he watches Eagnaidh take flight beginning a short survey of the area.
To the other Magi he asks "I plan to scry the water from here to gain some idea of what lies below quickly. However I have no wish to scry in an untoward manner in my fellow Magi. Does anyone have issue with this?"

He speaks to Magnus "If you are able to share the watery vision spell with me I will be better able to scry the depths from the water's edge?"

Assuming it all goes well (I'm away in the country at the moment and the Internet connection isn't wonderful) He then walks to the water's edge and finds a comfortable place to sit.
If he needs to cast a spont Eyes of the Fish to gain better water vision as MuCo/An level 10 or so which might be enough.
Then cast "Awareness of the Waterways" (known invented spell, InIm10 vs CT 23 + aura and talisman) which lets him move his perception through a waterway. Searching in this manner lets him move his perception from point to point and to begin he will bite the watery area around the area where the travellers have arrived.

He will also take a widget or stone to use as an AC as well.

Constantine will start a methodical search for signs of the creature mentioned and also for anything interesting like intact buildings, sculptures and signs of the style of the inhabitants. Basically it's all wonderfully interesting to him.

Edited: Aside - I'd also like him to use the spell which allows the species viewed to be recalled later with great detail, from the Online Grimoire - a Day Saved for the Future, InIm3, which is spont'able.

Constantine's Spont Roll for the spell - a Day Saved for the Future, InIm3 (personal, sun) being cast without fatigue means target of 15, vs CT of InIm 21, Int 2, + aura? + roll: 9 = 32. (roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=113071)

Meliai heads toward the water, but there is no easy way to get there. The land the magi are standing on is about ten feet above the water, and teh rocky crevace that leads down to the shore is wet, slippery, and treacherous. But Magnus takes the matter into his hands.

"Allow me," he says when he sees that Meliai intends to go swimming. Then he speaks the words of a spontaneous spell, including two clear words of power. Immediately a very well appointed set of steps forms in the cliff wall heading down to the shore below. They look carved out of the stone and blend in well with the scenery.

He has been around quirky magi for almost the entirety of his life. Something as simple as a woman disrobing is not enough to startle him.

Spontaneous casting:

Steps of Gentle Descent
Re(Mu)Te 20
R: Voice D: Mom T: Ind
This spell causes steps to form in a piece of stone. It's useful for getting down a cliffside without getting hurt.
(Base 3, +2M Voice, +1M Part, +1 Muto requisite, +1M size)

Form: 17
Tech: 24
Sta: 2
Words of Power: 13
TOTAL: 56 + stress die

Spontaneous Spellcasting: 1D10+56 = [10]+56 = 66 = 56
Botch Die: 1D10 = [7] = 7; no botch

CT = (56 + 0)/2 = 56/2 = 28; success

Finesse check: 1D10+10 = [6]+10 = 16
The stairs look very natural, fitting into the scene very nicely.

"Of course," Magnus replies to Constantine. "If you'll suppress your Parma I'll be happy to." Then he casts a quick spell and Constantine is able to see through water as if it weren't there. For good measure, he casts a spell to let the Guernicus see in dim light as well.

While he's at it, the magus casts a few spells on himself as well, just to prepare.

Then Constatine descends the stairs and approaches the surf, stepping out so that his feet are in the chilly water. He then casts his spell and sends his perception out into the waves.

For the most part what he sees is rock. And sand. And seaweed. And fish. It's a large area to survey, and Constantine is just one person. But he persists, and after a long time finds a clue - a long flat area about a quarter of a mile from the island that could be the remnants of a road. Picking a direction at random, he starts to follow the trail. It's hard going as the road is anything but compelete. Yet he manages, and about a mile along the broken path he sees his first ruined structure. Beyond that are more, and more until he sees something that looks very much like what Simon showed the gathered magi just a few days ago - a city of temples in a curious style.

Constantine is about to explore some more when at long last his concentration gives out and the spell ends. At this moment he realizes just how cold his feet have become.

Far above, Sophia and Eagnaidh have completed an aerial survey. They report a handful of islands within sight, but none as large as this one. Aside from sea birds, fish, and insects, there is no sign of any other inhabitants.

Assuming that Constantine suppresses his Parma, Magnus casts Extended Sight of the Naiad on him (using FFM to up it from Personal to Touch). This is the same as Sight of the Naiad, except with Sun duration.
CT for Extended Sight of the Naiad: 1D10+21 = [4]+21 = 25; success
CT for Eyes of the Cat: 1D10+48 = [5]+48 = 53; success

Note: there is a Magical Aura of 1 here.

Spells cast on Magnus:
CT for Extended Sight of the Naiad: 1D10+21 = [4]+21 = 25; success
CT for Doublet of Impenetrable Silk: 1D10+40 = [4]+40 = 44; success
CT for Lungs of the Fish: 1D10+40 = [6]+40 = 46; success
CT for Eyes of the Cat: 1D10+48 = [6]+48 = 54; success
CT for Magus Magnificent Movement: 1D10+56 = [2]+56 = 58; success
CT for Touch of Warmth: 1D10+40 = [5]+40 = 45; success

Now, as to Constantine's spell, I'm not sure that Intellego magic allows for wandering scrying. It usually seems very targetted. Can you show me an example of a canonical spell that allows wandering? But to keep things moving, I'll allow it now. But I want to revisit this later.

Constantine's Perception + Awareness (searching) check: Awareness Check: 1D10+7 = [2]+7 = 9

Meliai will have finished her swim long before the scrying and scanning is done, and have returned to the region to negotiate passage for larger groups.

"I have no objections, I don't even really have secrets to scry on. Well, I do have some secrets of other magi. Sppoookkkkyyyy secrets." Artemis says. The last part with a flat tone of sarcasm. So just don't read my mind and we'll be great. I have a spell for flight and a spell for seeing through water as well. I could use those to scout farther afield if we wanted."

Haestus and Dobran will assist with the underwater survey, both in beaver form. The two are obviously enjoying themselves, frolicking in the clear waters as much as scouting the area. Periodically they will return to exchange information with the others, but they are clearly making themselves at home in these waters.

Assuming calm conditions, casting Shape of the Able Swimmer and Eyes of the Able Swimmer cannot fail. While he is at it, Haestus will also use Probe for Pure Orichalcum to see if there are any traces of that legendary metal in these mountains.

While Constantine is scanning the seas, the other magi are not idle.

Haestus and Dobran take to the water, Haestus taking on a form more appropriate for the expedition. They explore the area around the island, finding that, for the most part it's just a bunch of rock. There may be something farther afield, but not close to the island. Dobran thinks he might see something a bit farther out, but Haestus sees nothing.

Magnus goes about setting up a small camp. He smoothes out the ground at one part of the glen and drops a piece of rune-covered canvas onto it. Then he speaks a command word and the canvas expands, growing rope and tentpoles until it becomes a very nice, well-appointed ten-person tent. Then he moves toward the cliff again and molds some of the rock there into a small table with two accompanying benches.

It's Artemis, however, who causes the biggest commotion. She flies to explore and goes a bit far afield, managing to get lost among the various islands. Thankfully Phobia is still back on the island to relay this fact, and Magnus is able to fly above the island and generate some smoke and flares so that she can find her way back.

Soon everyone, save Meliai, is convened back by the tent to report what they've found. The only problem there is that Haestus is still in beaver form, unable to speak.

FWIW, it is still March in the Atlantic. The water is cold. And without protection, people are going to eventually start suffering in the water. I'll say that animal or mer-form covers that protection.

Awareness Checks
Haestus: Awareness Check: 1D10 = [2] = 2
Dobran: Awareness Check: 1D10+4 = [5]+4 = 9
Artemis: Awareness Check: 1D10 = [10] = 10 -= 0
Botch Die: 1D10 = [9] = 9
1D10 = [10] = 10
1D10 = [2] = 2
1D10 = [4] = 4
= botch (+3 botch dice for having no Awareness really got you.)

Kuiti, you'll have to remind me about orichalcum. Where is that described?

A spontaenous ReTe check to flatten the ground:
Magnus ReTe check: 1D10+63 = [4]+63 = 67 = 67/2 = 33

Some spontaneous Re(Mu)Te checks to create the table and benches:
Magnus ReTe check: 1D10+55 = [5]+55 = 60 = 60/2 = 30
Magnus ReTe check: 1D10+55 = [1]+55 = 56
Multiplier: 1D10 = [6] = 6 = (55+12)/2 = 67/2 = 33
Magnus ReTe check: 1D10+55 = [6]+55 = 61 = 61/2 = 30

Some Finesse Checks:
Finesse check: 1D10+10 = [8]+10 = 18
1D10+10 = [8]+10 = 18
1D10+10 = [9]+10 = 19
1D10+10 = [2]+10 = 12

They look good.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Forests, Meliai has sought out the Lord of the Western Forests, who seems to have jurisdiction over this part of the regio. He has the body of a man about twice the size of a normal man, and the head of a stag. He wears hunting leathers, and a powerful bow is strapped to his back. The regio lord sits on a throne of rough-hewn wood in a wooded clearing with some does and stags resting at his feet.

"Approach Meliai," he says in a booming voice. "You are known to us and welcome here."

"Horned Lord, I come before you because my associates and I have found, and plan to raise, the lands of Old Atlantis. The question has been raised about bringing servants, soldiers, and other lay person through the regio to the islands, and while an occasional small party has been something you have been okay with, I wanted to be certain of feelings and position before I spoke further about what might be done with my colleagues."

"Atlantis you say," the Lord of the Western Forests muses. "Long has it been since men and women of that land passed through my domain. They favored waterways above all else. But still some were adherents to the way of the forest. It is a noble task what you have taken on, but one fraught with peril. There will be some who oppose what you do. Beware their wrath."

Then he turns to the matter at hand. "You wish to bring large number of people through my forest to repopulate Atlantis." He shakes his horned head. "I have no trouble with you and your monkey traveling these pathways. You have always been respectful of the forests. And occasional small groups do not bother be either - like the group you took today - provided they cause no harm to the woods they pass. But I fear that any large group could not help but damage the forests as they trampled through. And as you know, the protection of these forests is my responsibility. How could I allow you to proceed when the inevitable result is harm to my domain?"

"I do not expect that all would be allowed to pass, but we humans have a tendency to push boundaries and creep up on expectations, and I am looking for concrete limits I can give to others who will always want a few more people to come through. Whether we settle on numbers or those with some allegiance to magic or the old ways, beyond simply being in the service of magi of course, it would be useful to have established rules they can understand."

"You are wise to seek my permission," the Lord of the Western Forests replies in a booming voice. "My wrath would be great if I were crossed." He smiles to show that he's pleased at Meliai's respect.

"Let us say that beyond you and your familiar, you may bring thirteen fellows at any one time - whether they be man, beast, or magical creature. And be warned, you and they will answer for any harm they do to these lands while here. Respect must always be given to the forest. I will take revenge on all those who despoil my lands."

He waves his hand in a nonchalant way. "Of course, those devoted to the old ways may come and go as they please with you - not that there are many left of their like these days. But of the non-believers, no more than thirteen should be in my realm with you at one pass."

Meliai bows and thanks the forest Lord and returns to the island where her comrades have been doing their investigations.