Spring 1220: The Magi Council

Speaking to the room, using a measured respectful tone, "I'm of a mind to agree with Adeline, the Calebais situation is sensitive to the wider world, so a greater risk to the Order. Where as Magus Jerome is missing or dead, and probably not getting worse. We could send a small group to investigate both, or use two groups to see what is occurring, and report back to the council before committing to a significant action. That said, I have some questions."

Morat then attempts to address the Redcap directly, "Magus Ash could you please indulge me to clarify at who's request you came to our covenant? You said that the investigation of Calebais is at the behest of the Order; so it would assist us to understand who, and our political position before we embark", as he says political position Morat is indicating with his hand politely to the two Magi making good points and counter-points before he spoke. "That way we can make a difficult situation better."

"And also a question on Magus Jerome's disappearance. Do you know whom in the Order has decided that Magus Jerome is deceased and with what evidence and time frame? Any Magus going missing is alarming, however declaring a magus deceased is a far more significant decision. I'd not be surprised to find it was political."

Valentine pipes up after a long contemplative silence "Well, I will have to check a map with more annotation than our fine specimen here to know the exact distances but I have the means available to personally travel anywhere in the tribunal in a few hours. Investigating our fallen founder may be manageable with only our own powers but dealing with the situation at Calebais will be a far more social endeavor. I say, as soon as we manage the particulars we send a party of covenfolk, some fighters and an eloquent speaker at the least, a good huntsman if we can manage one, along with the ring to this map out to Calebias. They can speak with the locals saying they are under orders from a local lord to investigate, which is true enough. This map is obviously a connection to the ring allowing some of us to leap to it if the party finds something or runs afoul... anything foul I suppose. I personally cannot travel that way but I would be able to follow within the hour if I am notified."

He looks at the map and seems to be doing some calculations in his head "While that party is traveling and the letter is being delivered to our Quaesitors. We could travel to the site of our noble founder's presumed disappearance. We may need to talk to the clergy to find if Jerome ever made it that far. A mundane envoy would probably also be helpful in that circumstance but I think the better bet would be to try overcoming our social handicaps with men of the cloth after a mass and a good confession rather than with village fork who have been losing daughters and fathers to monsters in the forests."

He looks around the room at the magi "That is assuming everyone would like to help at his moment, we have some time to investigate Jerome's death and, as our esteemed sodale has said, it is no business of ours if a Demon is terrorizing mundanes so we could wait for that situation to develop further before we intervene. I believe I was going to spend the cool months reading by the fire and I can do that of an evening in any location I choose so I am ready to embark at any time."

Ash bows towards Morat after having received the floor again.

[b]"Jerome's filius Eloi is who asked me to come here today, specifically with the news of his parens disappearance. I cannot say who determined or made the decision that Jerome is deceased for I do not know the answer to that. All I know is that the decision was made and I was asked to bring the news of it to you.

"And with the potential for the Order to be impacted by the news I bring of Calebais, Eloi also asked me to speak to you of it. Although, he does not know of the letter or of the nun, but simply the troubles sans Calebais that I have spoken about."[/b]

Caendeau nods reluctantly: "I guess there is nothing wrong with being prepared. I can travel places rather quickly, too, if you need me to scout."