Spring 1221, Chapter 1B: Bunnies and Burrows

"Well, you may not want to try rubbing his belly. But I think safe is a relative term, quite boring." He lets out a bit of a fragile chuckle as he pets the drake. His bravado is still recovering from getting pounce-licked by a lightning dragon.

The lizard abruptly flips back onto all fours, crouches low with a growl, and leaps onto Iapetus, knocking the magus flat on his back.

Though it's obvious she's trying to play (well, not IMMEDIATELY obvious, but what else are changes of pants for?), it'll take a skilled smith a few days to repair Iapetus' armour.

Attravere half gasps, half chokes when Iapetus is knocked prone. Then he'll go completely silent.

The drake gets back up and charges at the doorway. She slams into the small hole, getting her shoulders stuck in the exit. She whimpers pathetically.

Iapetus had just begin to stand back to his feet, before the reptilian beastie pounces back onto him, the sound of his armor being gnawed and clawed is not a particularly welcome sound. As the drake bounds back up and slams into the doorway out, he finally manages to straighten himself, wiping a bit of the tongue-licking saliva off of his face. "I admit, I am not entirely sure how to treat this situation, friend Attravere. My instinct is to free the drake, but it might ravage the countryside. ANd I don't know how things would affect the Vis source."

Whatever you choose to do, choose soon. Will be wrapping up this chapter ASAP.

Attravere nods in acknowledgement of the dangers of freeing the creature.

"You two seem friendly. Do you have any intention of bonding with it as a familiar? I would have a hard time imagining justification for releasing it otherwise."

"As to the vis source, if it was freed then the source would be altered in nature, but there would still be the other part. Such action would likely cause us some hassle with the tribunal overseers, as they officially own all the vis sources."

"And speaking of the other part, we should go look in on it... but first..." Attravere will slowly walk over to the largest part of the cocoon that he can reach and seek to fat-spont Sense the Nature of Vis on it. (CT (10+Stress Die+Aura)/2 vs. Tar = 5)

If there is vis in the cocoon he'll seek to concentrate it in a small part to take along, otherwise he will grab some small ball of it anyway to try and figure out what happened. He'll seek to discretely get into the hall and check further down on the other Dragon, with Iapetus if able.

Hoo boy, lookit that! Twenty pawns of Auram in that sucka.

At Attravere's suggestion, Iapetus makes a thoughtful grumbling sound to himself, as if the idea hadn't actually occurred to him. "I certainly would be a possibility, I think... For now, the Vis source, as we have confirmed, is dried up already. We have come to gather, and it has been unproductive for many a season. Likely another is stealing it out from under us, however..." The Tytalus looks over at the drake, an amused glitter in his eyes. "I've not determined how intelligent the charming beast is yet," he says. "We'll see if he bites me for making this comment." There's a pause, then "Or she. I can't tell with reptilian sorts, lack of visible packaging, you know. If these two drakes here are enemies, I shouldn't examine the other, as it will easily smell the scent of its enemy on me by now." The Tytalus will reach out to rub along a prominent ridge on the drake's back. "If the regio walls are not protected from the artscould easily wriggle this wyrm free of the earth."

If there's no complaints from Attravere about the plan, Iapetus has Rock of Viscid Clay as a formulaic, and with a bit of effort the lightning-lizard can push its way free and follow Iapetus home. No matte which way works, he's actually going to suggest once outside that if the 'fine, fair maga Sinmore' thinks it would work, he could try the Rock of Viscid Clay trick to widen the entrance for her to explore. He'll also ask what we're planning on doing with the other drake here to the pair.

The drake can get out of its cavern and into the hallway if you widen the entry to its hole. You might want to plug up the entrance to the other cavern first.

Sinmore's entrance into the regio isn't hindered by the size of the entrance, but by the fact she's too big a target to change her hair and eye colour magically. (Because a size +2 person is a bigger corpus, it's got a casting requisite to account for the greater sized target.)

Sinmore is sitting on a tree stump munching again on the mutton leg she brought. It now looks like it's burnt to a crisp from her cooking attempts.

"I don't know what's the matter with me. I used to love a good burnt joint of meat. Now though, I can barely stand it...I want it near raw and juicy." she says with distaste and then takes another bite, the taste not dissuading her overly much.

"Hrm, looks like quite a bit of vis for the covenant." Attravere remarks, surprised at the cocoon's contents before trying to RegoVim the vis into a small ball of the stuff (to place into his pouch). (ReVi = (26 + Au + Stress)/2 vs. Target 15)
"I should go look in on the other one before freeing this one at the least." And Attravere will head down the hall to look in on the fellow.

On the other side of the hallway, there is no sign of the other dragon.

Assuming nothing said against the plan by Attravere, Iapetus is going to emerge from the Regio with a bounding, apparently excited-to-be-free lightning drake in tow. He will give Sinmore a cheerful wave, his travelling clothes and armor actually ragged and clawed from the eager drake. "Hm, I know very few tricks about cooking myself," he says. "Most of my travelling went through civilized lands where I could convince someone else to cook for me. I suppose I have some unfair advantages on that part." He settles himself down on a rock to wait for Attravere's emergence.

((how big is the Drake compared to Sinmore?))

Sinmore is licking her fingers and wiping her face on the cloth that she had wrapped her mutton leg in when the two appear. She is initially surprised but not afraid as she sees the drake. "Oh my! Look at this! Who's your friend?" she says and then looks down and picks up the leg bone and waves it low, lower than the drake's head, gently.

Sinmore barely manages not to lose any fingers as the beast tears the mutton leg out of her hands, and begins devouring it with gusto.

It's size 0, built flat and wide (rather like a gecko, I suppose).

Sinmore gasps and then laughs heartily. "The same nearly happened to my pater when he brought me a plate of food growing up. Quite the charmer this one." she says and seems about to try and pet it, but thinks better of it as she sees the drake crack the bone so easily.

Attravere looks around the chamber for any sign of the Dragon before entering and searching for a clue as to what could possibly have happened.

There is a broken husk on the ground, much like the other, but this one is devoid of vis. Either this one didn't have any, or someone else already removed it.

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