Spring 1290 the journey south

"Oh, I fully intend to win the next game. But let's see how that goes, shall we?" Lares chuckles.

In the evening, Lares joins Argentius and Izri as they go searching for Aziki. Lares' intends to play outside somewhere where others can see, hopefully piquing other covenfolks' interest. He will then try to invite others to play, as well.

Argentius recommends a spot near the fountain to play, inviting Aziki to play but also any others that might be willing to play.

He has brought along two cups and wine as well as a bowl of dates.

Argentius nudges the cups and bowl of dates, shrugs, then picks them up.

He knocks on the door of a grog's hut and offers them the repast before returning to his lab where he settles in to ponder the words of the Red.

Meanwhile, back at Al Kufra, Argentius can occasionally be seen taking brief walks (15 minutes out) into the mountains or desert near the covenant. Anyone observing him would see him occasionally stretch forth his dark, leathery hand toward a plant or animal. Subsequent observation of the plant or animal would show that it has died from lack of moisture.

Argentius then returns back to his sanctum.

Meanwhile, back at Al Kufra, Argentius withers another desert mouse.