St Andrews

I am planning on setting an adventure there, where a Gentle Gifted Jerbiton with holy magic is living there and a Spirit of Deceit is taking on her appearance and claiming that King Andrew II of Scotland is already married, and so can not possibly marry Joan of England.

Anyway, I am having trouble tracking down who provided the town charter. Does anyone know how i could find that out?

I did my google fu for 10 minutes and came up with these as the best links: ... -scotland/

Also: ... knmeapphkm
"Recognised as the ecclestrial capital of Scotland, the town now had vast economic and political influence within Europe as a compolitian town"

1170 charter. I assume that it was an ecclesiastical foundation and charter. Town created by Bishop Robert in 1140, so I assume it is him that granted the charter. Or his successor since 30 years is quite a long time. The 1170 charter is referenced over and over again, but I have been unable to find images about it.

Hope that helps.