starting an Ex-Misc Lineage

In my campaign, set in Iceland, the player Magi are inducing the local magic-users into the order. None of them are individually part of Ex-Misc, and they don't have any immediate allies of that house to draw on.

They have made them swear the oath, spent time teaching Code of Hermes, and Order of Hermes Lore, then taught them Parma.

My question is how do they kick-start them learning the Hermetic Arts? Quite a few of them (most) will have too much experience spent into their own traditions, so do they have to open the arts of very young members of the traditions, such they can be taught by both sets of masters.

Are there other things I am missing?


Yes, you have to get their apprentices young, open their arts, and let them get taught. Within a generation or two you will end up with characters like the classic Ex Misc - hermetic Magi with a couple of non-hermetic powers and slightly unusual virtues & flaws.

The existing magi can quite happily be members of the order just using their own native magics and knowing Parma and swearing the oath. If they have too many levels of their own abilities, it may be too difficult to teach them.
Your possible options: have a min-maxed InVi lab, a lead researcher with a high Leadership and get everyone else assisting so you open their arts as a team effort (allowable by the rules as written)
Allow mystery cultists to initiate individual arts as virtues (Solomonic magi already do this, but if you allow a Hermetic Art as a virtue, there's no reason a mystery cult couldn't devise an experimental script. The reason why no-one has done this so far is that there's a perfectly good method of opening the arts that offers all the arts for no flaws).

Your magi should care about a Quaesitor in good standing witnessing the Oath of Hermes, and inform Cad Gadu of its new members. Both are mainly formalities - but help to avoid future trouble. Finding sponsors to set up Tribunal organisation in Iceland is also helpful.

There is no urgent need to teach Hermetic magic to the new Ex Misc, and not even to their pupils. But after learning the Parma, they will soon get interested. It might make sense to find one or two model students to teach first, so they can serve both as examples and as teachers for further pupils.


OK technical question now:

I have a folk witch apprentice, who has had her gift opened to seven favoured abilities, but she has a score of zero in all of them.

She is then immediately taken to a hermetic lab and has her gift opened to the Arts.

What is the applicable InVi total needed to keep her previous favoured abilities?

If we go with 5 times apprentice score in abilities it is zero. The Folk witches abilities are mechanically tied to a Free status virtue, which in neither Major nor Minor for the purposes of this

I pretty sure my players can get to an InVi total of 60 if they work together, but I would like to know how many researchers are needed on the team :slight_smile:


The following should answer your question:

To keep the previously obtained Abilities, we have:


Brilliant! I knew I had seen something somewhere, but was only reading Apprentices and Core.

Thank you!