Step by Step history of Patrick

The Arcane Ring/Circle durations are part of Hermetic Geometry, on page 96 of The Mysteries: Revised Edition. The actual question at hand here doesn't directly concern the non-standard target/duration, though - it's just that Patrick experimented to create the spell and needs a side effect determining.

Oh! That part I missed, since I was focusing on the rules question.

OK, when the ward is cast, the topmost layer of the ground or floor inside the circle arranges itself into a complex pattern of hexagons (the effect is purely cosmetic).


~sigh~ Okay, I'll swap Indiscreet for Restriction - Hands and Feet Must Be Uncovered.

The Rote CT +7 is Sta 2 + Math 5 bonus, I get an additional +3 for any magic involving regular geometric shapes, and another +4 when using my Numerology book on any spell involving geometric shapes.

The lvl 5 is for Abilities. It's 9 for arts.

Well, with FFM, the advantage is that I could either boost it up to ArcRing/ArcCircle OR drop it down to a standard Ring/Circle spell, maximizing flexibility and effect, since both ArcRing and ArcCircle are +1 magnitude. It sounds like you're saying that either way I set it up.

In another forum game, we wrote them in sep. threads and they were merged into a single thread once the character was finished. I assumed that was standard habit.

So, the next question to deal with is: when does he enter play, and how?

I'd been look at the issue in isolation, rather than taking Flexible Formulaic Magic into account. I agree there's more point in that case. I don't think it does make any difference which way round you do it, though. Both are allowable, just pointless under normal circumstances.

Do you want to use moderator magic to move the character sheet over, or shall I just post it in the proper place?

Probably right after we finish the covenant setup--which I'd like to do soon. Unless you want something more elaborate, you can have him just show up on the covenant's doorstep, since its charter guarantees hospitality to any visiting magus. The interesting part will be his desire to stay and help rather than take advantage of the covenant's services.


Yes, that part should emerge pretty naturally.

The direct route would be to find a potential apprentice for him, or other surrogate family. Now that I've added Compassionate to his character sheet, it'll be pretty easy to yank his chain any direction you want him to go.