Still looking for players: On Line Game

I've been running an On-Line Ars game for the past few months. We currently have three active players and could use more.

The background is that the players are trying to rebuild (vewy, vewy quietly lest the people who destroyed it last time hear about it before the PCs are ready) the covenant of Rosalba in the Yorkshire Dales. (The actual location is Coverdale.)

We have the following active Magi:

A Merinita of Welsh origin interested in the Fairie gods of his homeland's mythos. He has the Gentle Gift and is doing most of the talking to mundanes.

A Quaesitor whose love for the underdog (she's a Cathar fleeing from persecution) causes her to ignore the fact she's technically breaking the Code by tolerating the third wizard in the group. Currently chairing the council.

A Diedne (yes, a real one!) who is the sole survivor of the first version of the covenant brought forward in time by an unorthodox experiment devised by the covenant's founder. They are currently working on getting her a cover story.

We play every Sunday, currently by Google Wave (and we're searching for something to replace that as and when). Currently 14-00 (2pm) to 16-00 GMT and then restarting at 18-00 to about 21-00. We'll be shifting to earlier in the day in the New Year when one of the players moves to Asia making it 10-00 to 13-00 and 14-00 to 16-00.

If you're interested please drop me a note at

How are you going with recruiting?

Are you using standard character creation for Ars Magica 05 with all the extra books included?

What house rules do you have?

If I have understood, it's an online game (using skype?) but not a pbp game?

In any case, good luck in recruiting.

We play using Google Wave, a program that lets us chat and keep track of all that is "said".
It's not a voice game.