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Story Name: Epiphany

Character Cast: Aedituus, Brother Clement (a monk at Laach Abbey)
Other possible characters: Brother Albert, the prior, who will become Abbot in 1199; Gregory, a novice, who will become Abbot after Albert in 1217. ((I could not find the name of the Abbot in 1184.))

Synopsis: Aedituus first met Brother Clement in the Scriptorium at Laach Abbey when he visited there in 1180-1181 as Brother Abelard. They have maintained some correspondence since then; Clement knows that Abelard is no longer attached to a monastery, but lives with a group of scholars. During the intervening years, Clement has taken on the role of Librarian for the Abbey, and has discovered an odd book hidden in the Librarian’s office, De Praestrigiae et Qui Reliqui (On Ghosts and Those Left Behind).

At the end of Autumn 1184, a sickness has overcome the Abbey, with Brother Infirmarer being one of the first to succumb and die from the illness. Many brothers are now sick, and Clement sends an appeal to Abelard to help, knowing his background in the infirmary of his home monastery. Abelard goes to Laach Abbey to help in the Infirmary during that winter.

During the season, Abelard will help as many monks as he can, probably using magical assistance. It is also possible that Abelard will need to confront the cause of the illness (a disease demon, a poisonous emanation, an infernal relic accidently brought in?). Clement will discover that Abelard is more than just a monk. At the end of the story, Clement will give Aedituus the book on ghosts.

((The title refers to both the feast of the Epiphany on January 6, as well as Aedituus’ revelation that he is a magus. I thought about calling the story Revelation, but that sounded too apocalyptic. We’ll save that one for later. 8) ))

A couple suddenly unencumbered hours this weekend ...

I posted possible stats for Brother Clement here. I will need someone to play the good friar, as well as take over on the cause of the disease for this story. My main goal here is to explore Aedituus' spiritual side, and to provide a story in which to acquire the Mentem Summa. (Historically, an earlier abbot, Fulbert, was big on expanding the library; so having a magical book there makes some actual sense!)

I also switched Aedituus' spells slightly, substituting Purification of the Festering Wounds for The Chirurgen's Healing Touch, and updated the wiki.

As I mentionned previously, I am willing to run the story. :smiley:

I think your casting bonus for the spell is incorrect. As Purification of the Festering Wound is not a ritual spell (unlike TCHT), you don't get to add your Artes Liberales score. So the Casting Total should be 16+die instead of 19+die as currently indicated on the wiki.

Yup. Missed that when I made the change. Fixed now. Thanks.

I've been thinking that maybe an elderly Quaesitor might come as a Peregrinator. GotF has only young ones listed, it stands to reason there would be an old one that was in the Triunal at saga start. Tries to push the covenant around. Just something rattling around in my head.

works for me

I have one Quaesitor from House Jerbiton listed on the wiki: Albertus of Jerbiton. He is one of the magi of the covenant of Irminsul, where Petronius spent his apprenticeship. I had envisioned him as a minor son of nobility who is often sollicited to check upon cases of potential interference with mundanes. Since Laurus Argenti is located so close to an important town, it might make sense for him to visit in order to make sure that no such interference occurs at the new covenant.

He has not been detailed at all. I only mention him once by name in the background stories of Petronius (here). He probably has the Gentle Gift and a more severe personality than most Jerbiton.

I think it's fabulous that he's a Jerbiton. He will be extra strict with a member of his own House. Take a dim view of Praxiteles living in the city, too...
And then eventually, he might be able to provide some clues about de Tours and Alips...