Stories for companions and mages

Salve sodales.

Having enjoyed this game for a year and a bit now I figured that trying to peek into the workings of other story groups might be interesting, so how to do this without it degenerating into full chaos but just keep it at medium chaos?

The way I came up with was to just ask people about how their groups handle things.

The stories of mages grow from the gauntlet and kinda goes with us all from character creation however this is not the same for for say the companions, well it's not guaranteed to be at least, it seems to me that some of not most companions don't join their mages/covenants from childhood but rather have had a life before what ever reason for them to join a bunch of slightly creepy weirdos with the ability to fling fireballs around willy nilly.

I for one like the idea of writing a little story for them, something to somewhat explain why they know what they do, or do what they do.

Example The fox and the hunter

The short story above is what i came up with for my companion character for our current game, he is a hunter from Idre in sweden currently in the employ of the covenant of Fehrman.

I personally found this to be a fun write and it keeps being a easy way for me to get back into the mindset of that character, something that can occasionally take a little while if the character in this case usually is off doing other things and might not talk so much.

So can you guess some of his flaws/virtues? have you done something similar?