[Story] Dinner and a Council Meeting


Aye, or if we could somehow investigate the curse, as a Verditius might a new-found enchantment? I like the idea of a great hammer of a spell to break the curse asunder. But I'd like to know just where to hit it.

But the job is young yet. Let's read this history, find the manner and means of the curse and there, maybe, we shall find its weakness.

"Well I don't suppose reading about it would harm you. But let's apply some logic to this. If it were simply a matter of a strong enough Perdo Vim spell, it certainly might have been attempted before now right? One could merely ask for a Flambeau to cast Winds of the Mundane silence on it with a high enough Magnitude." Fabrica shakes his head.

"You might try that, but I rather think there will be a cost in the attempt. Read the book first and see what secrets you can get. Most likely a Ritual will be involved, and not a Hermetic one necessarily. Again, caution is the key here Sodales. The curse has been in effect for a very long time, it is not going anywhere. There's no need to rush into this. And perhaps there is a decent reason for it? I did not catch the entire story, but it didn't sound like those involved were innocent. And I would rather steer clear of the justice of the Fae."

Daggin had finished his meal, and pushed back his chair, relaxing and listening to the conversation, one finger allowing a pewter goblet to spin to and fro slowly on the tabletop.

"I'll second that notion, Fabrica."

Tho' his own features speak unmistakably of some blood other than purely human, if he does know aught of the fae, he does not volunteer that knowledge.

"Usually, when one speaks of 'breaking' a curse, it is with more finesse, more akin to untying a bow than slashing a gordian knot. But if you do wish to try the latter, I'd appreciate a day's notice, so I can be in another Tribunal when you do. I'm afraid I long ago learned to avoid ham-fisted approaches to complex problems, and especially ones only partially understood, both in my own actions and those acting in my vicinity."

Those ghosts condemned to walk this earth are guilty, as Dierdre would have it, of grave crimes. But do ya not think Dierdre and her line have carried the burden of their punishment long enough? Do ya think a punishment served up by generations who played no part in the tale to be right and fair?

I say no. And I would see an end to it if it falls into me power to do it.

"Well Corvus, I dare say it's not for me, or you for that matter to say so, since neither of us had a hand in it in the first place. The ones most affected have the most say so, and Dierdre made her intentions plain."

"And of course this is about Fae justice, they have different motivations and notions than we do. We say it's not fair, they say it is. Mark my words there will be a reckoning for this. You seem set on this course, so I can only hope you'll take heed in my advice for caution. I wish you luck of course."

Azaelle smiles and nods a "thank you" to Corvus for letting her get a look at the book. She rests her elbows on the table and places her chin in her hands with a look of deep concentration.

I think I might be the only one with a lab fully set up and in operation, is that right? I don't specialize in faerie magic but I might like to put aside the project I was intending to do this season and work on this puzzle instead. It does interest me."

She looks up at Albertus.
"I don't think the solution will be either swift or simple but there's no stone that cant be broken by a person with enough determination."

and back to Corvus
"When you're done with that book can I read it?"

Dierdre lets the conversations run it's course. "It's not a fae curse; Grandmother was a hermetic magus. However, she originally came from a line of curse-witches. They invoked great spirits to empower their geasa, or bound lesser ones into them, to keep them in effect."

She shrugs. "I've tried the sledgehammer methods, Perdo Vim and Perdo Mentem. Perdo isn't my strongest technique, but I still managed 8th-9th magnitude, The curse still remains, as do their shades."

"The curse states '...that they should not rest until all they had built is utterly gone, to know the fullness of their folly...'. Laying waste to major portions of the countryside north is more trouble than it's worth, and not only with the Quasitores... Sure, it's simple enough, but I do not need a crusade called here on the Isle."

"If you place your hand on the book, and say "follow", it will float behind you. You can move it as you need to while your hand is on it. If you say "rest", it will set itself down gently. This volume contains the lore of my lineage, and much of the lore of this covenant."

"There is another matter that I should mention; As I had said in the kitchen earlier, Queen Cordelia is here to talk about certain arrangements her court has with this covenant, and to meet our new members. One of those arrangements has to do with forge companions for Torsten's forge. During Torsten's tenure here, they have provided a pair of crafters to help, in exchange for knowledge." She looks at Mathius and Fabrica. "It's up to you whether or not you wish to continue this arrangement, or expand it."

Daggin glances briefly at Mathius and Fabicra as the latter considers a response.

"Well, that aside, are there any other pressing matters to discuss? Azaelle and myself will see what can be done about a spare lab for our mercere guests, and other than that... it seems we are left to our own devices? The which are in adequate abundance, at least for me, I might add."

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Deirdre nods in acknowledgement. "Trust me, there is plenty of our own devices to go around. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to see where dervish Mab has gotten off too..."

As if on cue, Mab, still spinning from the discussion earlier in the kitchen, roars through the feast hall, and makes her way outside. There is a bit of commotion as she spins her way through the people sitting around the pond, and then a tremendous splash as she hits the water, finally stopping.

"Make that, I need to fish Mab out of the pond...centuries old teenager indeed..."


Mathius is eager at the idea of forge companions, his face lights up, and then dims down again. "This is indeed a great idea, and I will have to consider long and hard the benefits of this alliance, and what it would mean for the secrets of my house. Though if Torsten was a party to such a thing, then there shouldn't be too much of a problem with keeping our secrets."

He looks around the table, his gaze lingering on the book.
"As for this other matter, forgive me sodales, but it is none of my concern, unless it somehow threatens the covenant."

"We would have to consider the forge companions. While I would love to have capable assistants, we do have our Mysteries to consider as well as keeping them mysteries." he turns to his Fraternal brother and nods in agreement. "We will...interview them and see if we can establish a working relationship."

Albertus looks at the other magi and wait for reactions from them concerning that which he is going to say. Perhaps it is a wise idea to try to bargain for more from the faeries. Perhaps there is an possibility to gain flawless laboratory equipment and exotic faerie ingredients and perhaps even un-exhausting supplies. I know that faerie crafted items and ingredients are a bit prone to warp the workings in the lab but they can grant us tremendous power, or a least a significant boost of our power. Concerning this curse is there anything that we gain from destroying it other than doing the right thing? After all it takes a large amount of time and effort and can be quite risky.

"My friend, don't bet the devil your head and don't make bargains with faeries. The same thing is likely to happen in both situations... and as for what we might gain from breaking the curse, I believe that will depend largely on what is written in that book, so those who are interested ought to read it and they can determine whether or not the trouble is worth the risk."

He doesn't look up from the book, but a smile crosses his face.

Two words that bring a little light to this here dim and darkened heart; "trouble" and "risk". Don't they just sound grand together? Like they was meant ta be.

Azaelle, sighs Albertus, don’t let your prejudices judge everything that you meet. Faerie magic’s can be handled, it is just a matter of applying the right hermetic magic. Have you read Astus Ex Bonisagus work Reflections and introspections upon the other realms of powers? I guess not as you have said what you just have said. He claims with most convincing theories and a few lab text that warping from faerie ingredients can be circumvented with a few enchanted devices that clears your laboratory of those flows of abundant magical powers that warps your research into the realm of magic. As to the matter of bargain with the fay, this covenant bargains for forge companions so why not strike a deal that will give us further advantages? It is just a matter of not doing anything stupid. And that is not a problem for most magi, don’t you think Azaelle?

"Using Fae ingredients and tools is an invitation for chaos. It could lead to some true discoveries, but more likely unintended effects which could be good or bad. Finally of course they can lead to disaster. Without having a foundation on Faerie Magic I would think your results would be more of the unwanted variety, and count yourself lucky if it's not catastrophic. But, discoveries are not made without risk. However I would never say that Faerie magic can be handled. Hermetic magic itself is no sure thing, Faerie magic is far more unpredictable."

"But I agree, let us bargain if we can, as long as we do not endanger ourselves and the Order."


"Having run afoul of vis not solely aligned with the realm of magic in the past, I would be leery of using such for any research, unless I had some skill in Faerie Magic... Which I do not." She sits down and joins everyone in the feast hall. She looks like she might have been crying.

"Fae, and those aligned to their realm, often need new ideas from mortals, such as ourselves, since many, if not all, lack true creativity. Having seen the works of the Tuatha De when I was a girl, I would say they are like many other craftsmen, wanting to improve their techniques."

As the covnversation begins to wind down, a rather stocky man, covered with grime, walks into the feasthall, with 2 similar companions, carrying someone between them, and securely tied. Sleibhin, the mine boss, is rarely seen around the covenant, preferring to stay at the mine with his men.

"Beg pardon, good masters," he says, in passable vulgate latin. "We found this 'un snooping around the mine, writin' stuff down. " With that, he sets a satchel down on the table, along with a solidly crafted shortsword. "Tried to run when we noticed him, so we caught 'im up. Didn't think it'd be right to kill 'im, so we brought him up here for ye."

The indicated person is unconscious; He is better fed than most. His hair is cut somewhat short, and his clothes are in good repair. The satchel contains a small exemplar, in which there are sketches of the mine and covenant, and notations, written in english and latin.

Azaelle turns to Albertus and without the sound of sarcasm in her voice or any meanness in her expression she says,

"It is true, I have not read the book of which you speak but I have sworn an oath not to endanger the order through my actions. Did you not also? Faerie magic can be handled. By Faeries. Are you a faerie?"

Then she turns to investigate the unconscious figure before them. She leans in and speaks two words into his mind.

"Excito sursum."

Wake up.

Azaelle one must fist make a clear distinction between the following subjects and their use in hermetic magic’s. Fae vis, fae tools, fae ingredients and fae magic. The first and the last of those that I mentioned is not to be handled without the knowledge of faire magic. Fae tools and lab equipment can be far superior to anything that a mundane craftsman can make, imagine for a moment a blade that cuts metals without effort or glass equipment that is clear as the sky and yet holds together if dropped into the ground. Lastly fae ingredients can be used and in my opinion should be used if your research tries to stretch the boundaries of magic. They do cause warping to your work but as I mentioned in Astus text there is a labtext for a item that should be able to remove the warping. If you have the chance do read Astus work and be enlighted, it is really interesting. With the proper care a use of intellect one does not endanger the order with his or her research, it is a matter of care both in bargain with the fae and when working in the lab. I see magical research as something that strengthens the order not endangering it. Albertus seems content with getting the final word and turns his attention towards the man on the floor.

The man remains unconscious, the cause of which can easy be seen by the goose-egg on the side of his head. "Sorry, milady," says Sleibhin, "but I had to give this 'un a clout alongside the head, to keep 'im from runnin'. We'd normally kill 'im, and drop 'im somewhere in the woods, but I figgered you'd want to see this 'un." And with that, he pulls a piece of cloth. "He had this on 'im."

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