[Story]Harvest Moon

"Good morning Sodales, sorry to bother you so early. Thank you." he says as he walks in, first ushering in Azaelle.

"No wine for me thank you, not before my breakfast at any rate. Sodales...well, we have some questions about original research. Azaelle came to me with an interesting magical conundrum. I came up with a possible solution. We thought we'd get some information from you regarding this and see what might develop from it."

"Azaelle? Would you present Albertus with your conundrum?"

"Let's see... How to put it simply?..."
She shows him the page with her writing and diagrams. "I wanted to make a door that can open anywhere. Ordinarily, this would require an arcane connection, but Fabrica thought of a very brilliant solution to have a new range. That of "maps". We wondered if you had ever heard of such a thing being done or even researched.

Arbertus scratches his chin. No I have not heard of such an project for original research but it seems as a possible and achievable feat. It has great possibilities if one has accurate maps but the maps would have to be a bit strange. They probably need to be a perfect replica of the landscape viewed from above to be truly effective. Is there anything I can do to be of assistance? Albertus is clearly eager to know more about the project but tries to hide it.

"That's why we came. It would seem to be a potential waste of time and effort if others were already working on such a breakthrough. If they were we could simply wait for the results. Perhaps some letters could be dispatched to be certain of this?

"I'm certain members of Mercere would love to know of this project and might even help it.

"But I do have other projects which some have already paid for, so I couldn't start this work yet. Maybe not until next year or so.

"But you think it's possible eh? I thought so, to be honest this sounds so simple, I can scarcely believe that no one else has tried it."

"Is it possible to make an accurate map of a place where you are not or never have been? Perhaps I could enchant a creature to do it for me; like a bird or a vole."

She laughs.

"Or Corvus."

We can send a letter to the librarian of Durenmar and have him search the library or travel there ourselves. Is there a Hermes Portal in the area? Albertus scratches his head. As you have come to me I suspect that you wish for my assistance in this project, am I correct in my assumption?

"Well Sodales, I'm not certain how much of the project is going to be done. What I'd mainly like to do is find out if it is or has been researched. If so it would save us time. If not, then at least we know where we stand if we are to perform this research.

"If we are to begin this, would you help Sodales?"

"Yes, Albertus. I would appreciate your help. Working with others is a strange and novel idea for me and my parens would be outraged- that alone is reason to do it- heh- but the level of your involvement is up to you."

"I only thought of it because I wanted a book. I guess the first library to search is the one here while we send a query up to Durenmar."

I have only two requests if I should aid in this effort. First of all we need to abide by the code that governs house Bonisagus, the research must be available to every magus, second of all I must get a substantial part of the fame that comes with such a discovery. If we can agree upon such terms then we can perhaps go down to the library and have a look and I start to write a letter later today. Perhaps there is some unfinished research upon this topic and then we need to get our hands upon it. By the way. Albertus scratches his chin again. Isn’t it a bit strange that such prominent magi visit our covenant? Is there something strange going on or is it just standard procedure in this tribunal?

"The fame? If there is fame you may have it. I enjoy the process of solving the puzzle and once it is solved, I am just as likely to tear it apart and rebuild it or just move on to solve another puzzle. This one, however, is a faster means to an end. Fame, though..." She scrunches up her face in an expression of distaste. "...seems bothersome. And as for the goings on at the covenant... How can we know what is out of the ordinary in such a strange place? I know there are secrets here... and I know there is something extremely troublesome about a few of the guests but I am not a full member of this covenant so I cannot quetion the decision making of it's leaders. It is all I can do to keep the ground underneath me safe. The faerie fox was right. Anyone can just saunter in the front gate."

Fabrica what is your opinion on the matter? This is quite important to me as I am trying to make a name for myself in Hermetic circles. But sure I can accompany you to the library, I have not set my foot there and surveyed the contents.

Fabrica obivously has put some thought into this matter.

"I would be a part of this. The fame is important to me as well, my ambition is to one day join the Halls of the Arch Magi. A discovery like this could well lead me that door. Let us find out first if there is any research to save us time. If there is not, I will help make this discovery a reality. First I have some projects to finish that have already been paid for."

"Will you remember me when you're rich and famous magi?"

Fabrica smiles shyly and is actually blushing a bit at the remark. He reaches over and pats her hand.

"Certainly my dear But with discretion, since you wish to be anonymous."

Albertus sighs, then perhaps we won’t do this together. I have similar plans for myself but I am to interested in if there has been any research. Shall we go to the library and have a look see if we can find anything there. I have not look through that place at all. Albertus seems eager to rise.

"Off to the library!"

And they are on their way to the library. There are books to be read and secrets to be discovered.

Fabrica nods and follows to the library.

Albertus follows.

The gaurds at the front door let you pass within...

and into Chaos.

To say that the library is disorganized and in disrepair is an understatement. There are books everywhere, haphazardly stacked. Scrolls and unbound folio are piled on several writing desks. There is a small section that gives some hope; the are several books neatly shelved in a section of the library, and a couple of writing desks are clean, and a stack of writing supplies is neatly organized in cabinets close by.

From a back room you can hear "All right, I'm coming, I'm coming..." the voice is old, and grouchy. The man uttering these words is spare of frame, with unkempt thinning white hair, and nondescript clothes. He grumbles a bit until he gets a better look at who is in the library. "Ah, Good Day to you, masters. What can this poor, old servant help you with...?"

And thus, you are introduced to Daffys, Scribe and ad hoc librarian of Lough Caillte.

Fabrica's jaw drops at the sheer magnitude of the mess and clutter spreading before him. He had gotten two books from the library before, but they had been delivered to him, he never actually had a chance to...appreciate it's scope. He turns slightly to the other magi and whispers:

"I have only 10 days to devote to this seacrh this Season before I have to get back to my lab..."