[Story] "Once more, into the breach..."

It is, at this point, Diedre returns. There are the familiar scents of smoke and heat, common around most flambeau who are coming off the battlefield, and not something your want to be smelling inside a building or a lab.

There is a harsh, glaring sound, like 5 trumpets played stridently loud, easily gaining one's attention, followed by an large quantity of matter materializing over Diedre, which then falls to earth as water in the air normalliy does. As the water hits the floor, it unnaturally pools up and flows away, leaving the floor dry, and Diedre steaming... literally.

She mutters an expletive in a language none of you have heard before then takes a deep breath and counts to ten, with Mab's chuckling in the background.

"I had forgotten about that." she says, quietly, between clenched teeth. "I had some business to take care of, the nature of which will be discussed after the mid-day meal, because it applies to everyone. Also, the normal redcap is here, and I suspect some of it material you had sent here via redcap than travel with it. And,the last of you has finally arrived. Come on, up and out, I'm sure you all have questions that you wish to ask, or need answered."



"Certainly. I'll walk if it is all the same to you." And Stephan puts word to deed and limps towards the stairs.