Story: The first assebly of the council

[color=red]I would favour Books on Penetration, Parma Magica and either excellent Summae on Perdo or Tractatii on Perdo.

[color=red]I am happy to travel to purchase books or to remain here and guard the covenant , I do not think I would help greatly in dealing with the mundanes but I may be able to assist in scouting the area

Nissa's brow wrinkles at Ardath's comment

[color=red]Hey Ardath, don't be so hard on the Fay, you just have to deal with them on their own terms, if we handle them right I'm sure we can make friends.

I would like to join the group investigating our surroundings, the sooner we locate any magical or faerie neighbours the better.

As to the books, if we have a vote I would soonest each of us were guaranteed a first choice, else the specialists will not be well served. But after the first choices we should make sure our library has decent primers on all the arts.

[color=red]I will participate in the buying tour.
My votes are Mentem, Parma Magica and Creo.

I have another idea which helps to build up our library. Let us spend a season to write down spells we know in undersandable format. It is obvious one will keep his magical secrets but I suppose most of our spells are generally known in the Order of Hermes. This can be an obligation and not a choice and all who will join later would have to make this.

[color=red]Agreed, we can all write of a few spells. This will both enrich our library and give us more to trade.
While I'd liked to go on the buying tour, I think my abilities will be best suited in exploring the surroundings, at least if Yannick stays close to me. Moreso, it will helps me get a feel on the area arround us, which should allow me in the future to summon usefull spirits to help us.

Yannick seems pleased that things get moving.

Good. So that'll be Manius and Justus buying books.
My votes would be Muto, Corpus and Animal by the way :slight_smile:
I'll write you my wishlist for spells, as well as a list of spells I'll be ready to share.

Ardath, Nissa and me will be scouting. I guess we'll be able to handle anything we encounter, mundanes, beasts, fay and spirits alike.

Mariella, it may be a good idea that you join Manius and Justus. They have a long and potentially dangerous journey, especially as the goods they will transport are precious. If anything happens to them, we're all done.

Which would leave Frederic all alone here in the covenant... if you don't mind?
Ardath, Nissa and me won't be too far away. We'll be be back here once a week I guess.

Does that sound good for everyone?

[color=red] I will travel to purchase books unless those staying at the covenant feel that they may need my combat skills . I would like an oppertunity meet my parens parens at Durenmar

[color=red]Nope, this should be ok.
Nonetheless will the group purchasing books will be probably facing greater dangers, thus needing your skills, but, if need be, we can retreat to the covenant if needed, an option you don't have. Your skills are more needed there than here.

Moreso, while not as skilled as you, I'm somewhat proficient in martial matters myself, and should be able to handle any problem that might arise.

So, to resume things: Tomorrow, we cast the aegis. Then, Mania, Justus and Mariella go to purchase books, while Yannick, nissa and me explore our surroundings and hunt for vis. Frederick will hold the fort, which is a good thing. Nonetheless, we won't be very far should he ever need help

I've tried to get a resume of the books we seek the most:
Parma Magica: 3 votes
Perdo: 3 votes
Rego: 2 votes
Creo: 2 votes
Terram or Vim: 1 vote
Muto: 1 vote
Corpus: 1 vote
Animal: 1 vote
Mentem: 1 vote
Penetration: 1 vote
Magic Theory: 1 vote
Imaginem: 1 vote

Oh my!!!

Replace my incomprehensible first sentence with this:
[color=red]Nope, this should be ok.
The group purchasing books will be probably facing greater dangers, thus needing your skills, while, if need be, we can retreat to the covenant, an option you won't have. Your talents will thus be much more needed there than here.

A gifted Ameteur but I am sure you will be able to deal with most problems after all you are Hermetic magus.

Staying at the covenant is fine with me. I will take good care of the library :wink: , and perhaps add some of my own. Do you favour tractati or spells? And I wuold like magic theory, rego and vim books.
I believe that makes the list:
Parma Magica: 3 votes
Perdo: 3 votes
Rego: 3 votes
Creo: 2 votes
Magic Theory: 2 votes
Terram or Vim: 1 (2) vote
Muto: 1 vote
Corpus: 1 vote
Animal: 1 vote
Mentem: 1 vote
Penetration: 1 vote
Imaginem: 1 vote

[color=red]So these are the subjects to which we want to buy the best books we can.
We carry away the list you made and will use these priorities.

Manius starts to eat.

[color=red]Good idea, especially as you're likely to be the most skilled of us in this matter.
Don't bother about tractati for now, as we're gonna buy some books, just concentrate on spells. I would especially like if we could have a magnitude 4 Wizard's Communion: such a spell could be learned by most of us after barely 1-2 seasons of studying Muto or Vim, and would benefit us greatly in the future.

Looking at Ardath and after it to Frederick and speaking to him:

So do you know Wizard's Communion at 4th magnitude? That's fine!
If you can write with talent and in good style you will get a big respect in the Order. I am sure you are eager to make your own works but we need a good spell collection at first.

[color=red]I will write it down. It is not a very difficult spell and indeed very handy. The respect for my tractati will certainly come in time. For now, i will have to do with the respect for making this covenant a great succes
Frederick smiles to Manius and continues eating.

And I'm sure both will come together: Succes for the covenant will allow us all the ressources to pursue our goals a lot more easily.

The evening passed on into comfortable chit chat and enjoyment of a well deserved dinner. In the warm glow of the magical light the magi of the newly founded covenant sat and enjoyed good times together, each and every one of them a bit curious about what would come out of this new commitment. The wine and the food flowed freely and it where a merry evening that would be remembered for some time to come.

In timbered houses the covenfolk huddled close to the fire both curious and a bit afraid of their new masters. Who where they and would they make like better? They all had heard stories of magicians dealing with the devil and who ate their children but some mentioned that other magi cared for their underlings and where actually able to do something about the bad weather or other far more sinister horrors of the Pomeranian forest.

From a distant hill wanderers of the night could here wolves howl to the cresset moon, their howl chilling the peasant to their bones where the werewolves coming for your babies tonight? Non of this bothered the assembled magi as they enjoyed their feast in the elegant manor hall, but times would change…