[Story] To Sleep, perchance to Dream...

The night wears on, and soon, the only people left in the feast hall are the magi (including Mab and Miach, but not Flavius, who left earlier).

Rhiannon stretches a bit. "A hunt it is, then. I shall endeavour to find out what resources the covenant has, beyond the obvious ones, that we can leverage. My visit to the library has shown that it is in disarray; There are many books present that are sitting about. I noticed at least one colentes from House Bonisagus in a pile. Before we can begin, we need to find out what we have. Even our esteemed praeco, Dierdre, admits to having..."

"More stuff than I know what to do with, or had the time to figure out. Yes, I did say that." The voice is Dierdre's, who has, apparently, materialized out of thin air. She appears tired, and sooty, but relatively unharmed. "Ironically, Mab is in the same situation, but not because of a lack of time or skill. She's easily distracted."

"I am not!" exclaims Mab, getting ready to argue the point with Dierdre, when something flaps through a window in the feast hall. "Eeeek! A Bat!" And with that she grabs a broom and begins trying to swat the errant night creature. Fortunately, the bat flies back out the window before Mab resorts to casting spells at it. "Now, where were we?"

"Flavius said I was to give you all the material support I could muster. That, alone, is a considerable amount. However, most of it is an unknown quantity, though My own personal collection of items is well known and documented." She sits down, and gestures, and a bottle and glass of fine wine float over, which she pours for herself. "What a day it's been. I haven't seen one like this since for a long time." She takes a long drink from her glass, then smiles. "I'm glad I invited you here. It makes these old bones feel alive again."

It pains me to say it, but Matthias is right.

Corvus cocks his head towards Matthias.

Oh, I don't mean it pains me because it's Matthias. Just that, he's right, we're not ready for this.

(strangely serious)

We've nay been here a week yet. Some of us barely a day. We still need a guide to take us through the woods and back. What kind of hunt could we run? We'd be on the sharp end of it as soon as we set foot outside the aegis.

(to Dierdre)

We're in a different world to ye'sel. And if we're gonna protect our new covenant and its people, we need time and books aplenty.

Dierdre smiles at Corvus. "Hardly. I'm as mortal as you are, but I do see your point. I've already done most of what one wants to accomplish when one gauntlets. I've also paid a price for what I've learned, so I guess I could say I've picked up some wisdom along the way. Where as you are just starting your journey, I'm already resting in the inn at journey's end..."

Mab looks thoughtful for a second. "Then, did I get lost somewhere along the way?" She says, smiling.

Dierdre begins to laugh a bit. "I think we both did, honestly."

"That would explain what a long strange trip it's been, then," Mab replies, with some giggles. "I've got to get going. I'd said I'd talk to Weaver, and that means a midnight meeting, since the Queen of Fae Spiders doesn't like the day..." Mab gets up. "I'll let you know how things went in the morning..." And with that, she flounces out the door, and into the night.

And thus. night, and quiet, comes to the Covenant known as Lough Caillte. Everyone soon retires to thier quarters (wherever they may be), and the evenings dreams are uninterrupted. Indeed, it is the first good night's sleep everyone has gotten at the covenant.

Morning comes unheralded, and many are slow to rise around the covenant. The woodsmen come back with the dawn, and report signs of a camp on some high ground that one could see the covenant from; It was recently deserted. 2 of Mab's custos come back in with the dawn, and report much the same; the good folk of the wood tell of a strange, dark lady who left with great haste yesterday even, headed north.

And finally, Mab returns, sometime before the noon meal. She looks tired, but that may be due to the bolt of fabric - fine, white silk - that she carries. "Weaver says none of this was her doing, that some darkness came over her mundane subjects, and she apologizes for her lack of vigilance." When pressed on the subject of why the Fae queen of spiders would apologize to Mab, she smiles. "My grandmother rules the Fae of the Fifth," she replies, meaning the Fifth of Connacht. "All around here owe her allegiance, and strive to keep her good will. I don't make much of an issue about it. If we're fortunate, she'll visit on Midsummer's day."

With a vigilant watch in place, and wards cast, everyone soon sets to the tasks of the season...