Strength and armors


wearing an armor needs strength?

Can a magus with -3 str have a full chain mail armor?

Seems not for the rules, but isn't it a quite illogical?

He can wear it, but it gives him Burden, which penalizes spellcasting among other things. A full chain mail is quite heavy, but everyone can put it on. How mobile he is with it on is a different matter :slight_smile:


So, even with -3 Str, you can lift a 40+kg thing time to wear it? :neutral_face:
What's the point of +1 str then (other that game bonuses?)?

Logically, if a -3 str can lift a 40+kg thing, he can also lift a child?
Okay... :frowning:

He will be seriously impaired by it: He will suffer from the Load factor of what he is carrying and this will make him more fatigued more easily. For a spellcaster that is a serious thing.

IIRC chain armor is Load 6. That means that the guy will have (if he does not carry any weapons or any other weighty equipment) a Load of -3. That is a -´3 on all fatigue rolls, including spellcasting. It also impairs his quickness by the same ammount.

So yes, while you can use it it affects you heavily. Fatigue is the great burden for magi out there, so do not undertimate its impact!



What do you mean by "fatigue rolls"? I never roll such :-S or do you mean "all rolls involving fatigue" (and then the spell casting)?
Thanks for answer

I think someone's 4th ed roots are showing. :smiley:

However, encumbrance does penalize spellcasting (p178, 1st paragraph).