Strong Faerie Blood and Apparent Age

I'm just curious about how other sagas handle Strong Faerie Blood and Apparent Age.

Characters with Strong Faerie Blood don't start aging rolls until 50, and gain bonus to their aging rules. It occured to me that, in a sense and for purposes of Apparent Age, such characters might be considered to be under the effects of a Longevity Potion for their whole lives... and so look considerably younger than their actual age.

Do you check for apparent age for characters with Strong Faerie Blood? If so, when do you have them start making checks?

  1. The simple solution is to just say that a Faerie Blooded character looks 70% of his actual age. So, at age 50 he looks 35.
    This has the problem that a 14-old young adult would look no older than a 10-year old child, which some troupes may not like (how do you adjudicate characteristic penalties due to young age?)

  2. A slightly more complex solution is to say that a Faerie Blooded character looks like a normal character until he is in the prime of his life, at age 20. After that, he appears to age at half the speed of a normal human -- again, this means he looks 35 when he is 50.

3, . The most complex and (in my opinion) "RAW" solution is to simply make aging rolls every year of a character's life, applying the +3 aging modifier. This yields results very close to those of 1 (including the problems).

Always been doing this, including if it´s just quality of living modifiers(with no risk of bad results until normal aging rolls). Like if you have the Healthy Feature as part of the covenant it can make quite a difference sometimes...
Unless you´re playing with lots of characters and goes through years very fast, it´s not really that complex.

The problem with this approach is that, since the "worst" that can happen to a character in terms of apparent age is to appear one year older, even without living condition modifiers characters will end up looking on average about 2 years younger, and no one will look older (even under the worst living condition modifiers).

Yup, but that actually doesn´t matter much. It´s not really uncommon for people to look younger than they are, but how often do you see people looking truly older than they are, outside of having some specific reason for it?

Oh and i think i once made a minor Virtue that made a character use apparent age for all game mechanics instead of actual. Only problem was that it went from being barely good enough for a regular person to being fantastic for someone with a LR or other means to prevent apparent aging. Fun idea, didn´t work out quite as well as it should.