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But finally, i think it might be more interesting to open a dedicated topic about it.

Thus, for a character who want to take the Study Requirement flaw, what would be your ideas to make him able to increase his Arts at high scores, above 20-30 beside those of the book. Or for a character who want to take the Study Bonus virtue and want to be able to use it at high scores.

My personal feeling is that there is some limit, and anything past that limit can be handled with the same as that limit. For example, let's say Vim requires an Aura of 10 to reach 50. I would allow the 10 Aura to apply beyond 50 as well. As for different things, look for narrower and more grandiose things. For example, the remnants of the Library of Alexandria might work for Intellego. Make them cool/exciting in some way and the game will be more fun.


General I think the guidelines go from common and convenient to rare and dangerous. You seem to have to use magic to acquire and or even survive the latter ones.

25- In the presence of Greater Nobility
30- Someplace where hundreds of skilled craftsman are working on a common goal. The construction of a cathedral for instance.
35- In the Presence of a True King.

More rego ideas (without numbers)

In the command tent of a military commander
In the chambers of a leader of a large organisation (e.g. Poena's sanctum)
... while they are plotting.
In the presence of a powerful being of law, justice, control or domination (extremely high might entity)
While surrounded by bound creatures
In a prison
At a slave market
At Tribunal / Grand Tribunal
In the presence of objects being levitated by magic

In an orchard that has had rows of trees planted with great precision.
Under a beehive (see Covenants page 75).
On top of a dam in a river.
Inside the workshops of master craftsmen.
While attending a puppet show.
As part of a herd of sheep, a pack of wolves, a V of geese....

This screams for a story where you go on a journey, fail to find an appropriate spot but discover there's more than just Arts.

  • Did you try the kitchen? Maybe a bit of cheese would help you to understand Animal products. :laughing:
  • So you convinced the magister you are a competent scribe, you follow him to the king's court.

In fact, just finding a magic rock to lick could help you get your Terram past 30, if that's what your Troupe enjoys. :mrgreen:

I have the same problem with my maga.

My ST and I just accepted:

Cave covered by magnetite as up to 30 maybe a bit more

Im looking for further/higher levels...
While surounded by tremeres playing tremere chess
Being tied and hanged
Inside a waterfall/strong river
Generating a huge earthquake (lvl 7 or more) (deal with faeries)
Boiling a lot of water
Being on one place where nothing moves, not even sound(rego is also lack of movement)
Create your own channel or dam.
Nearby gregorian chants or other chorus
A glacier

Hope it helps and asking for some higher than 35 or hopefully 50