Study Totals and Affinity

Ok, I give up. What in the world is a "Study Total" as referenced under Affinity with (whatever)?

I've checked the FAQ, and these boards and can't find a reference to it beyond the Virtues. Does it mean "Advancement Total"?

In specific, does one get ones Affinity when using all types of Advancement, including Exposure?

This is the way I've been playing it, but last night a player mentioned his "Study Total" and I was stumped.

Good Teacher (p. 43): Replace "Study Total" with "Advancement Total".

Must have slipped in the new edition because the errata is filled with references that Study should be replaced by Advancement [Total]. So there you have it :smiley:

Exposure is a Source so it should add to Advancement Totals from it aswell.

Thanks guys, I didn't think to look beyond "Affinity and study and total" in the searches.