Stultus Maximus of Tytalus, aka il Supremo Nasone

How about Stultus did make a bit of a fool of him/Alexei, and when Alexei confronted him privately was when he revealed the ruse. Along with something like "Gad you're dense! Have ye never seen a play before?"

Not sure he'd've used those exact words -- I can supply an exasperated rant if the exact wording is important -- but sure, that works.

Slight change to Rahere (the familiar's) stats. His one language should be Arabic, not Italian.

Why? Because his player is an idiot, that's why. Gibraltar has never been a part of Italy. I don't know what the heck I was thinking.

Because this is relevant to Fiona's interests (so to speak), what does Stultus's "long flexible nose" look like? Is it a large yet normal nose like Jamie Farr or Jimmy Durante? Or is it more like a small trunk, like a tapir's, kindasorta?

Look up Gerard Depardieu as Cyrano de Bergerac. It's kinda like that.

And Fiona says..."Oh My..."

Especially with the "flexible" bit. Even if he does only come up to her lower thigh. Although it is only a level 3 CrIg to make her hooha glow at moonlight intensity for Concentration duration. Easily spontable without fatigue.

In the back of my head, Stultus smirks and mutters something about alpinism.

I had "flexible" defined in my head as "just enough muscle control to be funny". Just FYI.


I wasn't sure, that's why I asked.

Did you decide in the end that Stultus does have the Gift of Tongues Heroic Virtue?
And I'm curious as to what the details of his Legacy are.... :slight_smile:

Yes, he does -- and ask JL. :smiley:

Snagged a somewhat-appropriate picture from DeviantArt. Hair's likely shorter and you won't catch him with a serious expression on his face too often, but it'll do. :slight_smile:

[size=20]politely hands Fiona a napkin to mop up the drool with[/size]


Like any good Tytalus, Stultus has an agent network. I tried to figure out what he'd have, tried to count points, and then said "f*** it, I'll stat to concept."

He had never rebuilt his network in the British Isles. This means that at present he has no way to keep tabs on Cumhachd, which does not make him a happy camper. Plus, during the last decade or so his focus began to shift, which means he had let much of his network lapse. This is what he's got left.

The first two were recruited during his stay at Eboris, in his occasional persona as 'Jaufre of Barcelona', a visiting Castillian scholar.

Huguet Zorzi, a canon at Notre Dame de Paris.
Owes Jaufre +2.
Priest, Temporal Influence, Dark Secret (student of Aristotle)
Public and private lectures on Aristotle had been forbidden in Paris since 1210. Stultus, as Jaufre, found a kindred soul in Huguet, and smuggled several translations of Aristotle's works to the man. Huguet may rise in the church hierarchy starting in 1229 or so, when William of Auvergne becomes Archbishop of Paris: William is -also- an Aristotelian, and will eventually author some writings attempting to reconcile Aristotelian metaphysics and Christian doctrine.

Raymond of Aquitaine, preceptor of the French Nation at the University of Paris.
Grateful to Jaufre +4
Magister in Artibus, Wealthy, Social Contacts*, Plagued by Supernatural Entity
Raymond had been plagued by a ghost for most of his life. Eventually, after knowing him for a few years, Jaufre provided him with a 'natural philosophy ligature' (in reality a ReMe invested device to keep the ghost away).
Raymond's social contacts are extremely extensive. As Preceptor of the French Nation, he knows (more or less well) every single graduate of the University who was a member of the French Nation in the past 15 years. (The French Nation covers Italy, Spain, and all of France except for Picardy and Normandy. May also cover the Low Countries, map isn't very clear).

When Stultus left Eboris, he introduced Raymond and Huguet to "his good and dear friend Mathieus" and recommended him in the highest of terms. Though he will still correspond with them, at the moment they are more Mathieus' agents than Stultus', since they would be enormously more useful to the Jerbiton. And no, he didn't ask for anything in exchange, which probably confused Mathieus a bit.

(There's 3 more people, but I will need to write them up later. My lunch hour is almost over. :frowning: )

Agents, continued. There's only 2, I lied. :slight_smile:

Charles de Neuville, a wandering troubadour.
Owes Stultus his sanity, +5
Wanderer, Well-Traveled, Social Contacts, Free Expression

Stultus had opposed the Cabal of the Crushed Viper a number of times, but the incident with Charles was the only time he did so directly. He and the troubadour happened to be performing at the same court in southern Languedoc. Charles' performance of 'El Cantar del Mio Cid' was flawless, and earned him many accolades and a small shower of silver... and a note of assignation slipped to him by a young noblewoman.
Something about the noblewoman's demeanor struck Stultus as odd, and he decided to follow. (That's his story and he's sticking to it. All accusations of voyeurism are base and vile slander.) He came on scene just in time to see the 'noblewoman' cast a Rego Mentem spell, and the troubadour to fall writhing at her feet. From that, it wasn't a stretch to deduce that the 'noblewoman' was in reality "Vivian" of Tytalus. Stultus' challenge to Certamen disrupted her concentration, so Charles got to witness the jester thoroughly kicking his tormentor's behind in a magical contest.

Gabrielle, a scribe at Montverte
Owes Stultus a familial debt, +3.
Covenfolk, Highly Skilled (scribe), Serves Rival Covenant

Around 1210 or so, Stultus witnessed the trial of a Jewish moneylender for breach of contract. Usury contracts were drawn up in three languages: Hebrew, Latin, and the French vernacular. As Stultus was listening to the testimony, he realized that the text of the Latin contract (the only one he could read) didn't match what either the plaintiff OR the defendant claimed the contract said. His curiosity aroused, he investigated -- obtained translations of the other two copies of the contract -- and found that, sure enough, none of the three copies matched.
He tried to influence the course of the trial, was unsuccessful, and so arranged an 11th-hour jailbreak, smuggling the moneylender out of town and finding him and his family refuge at the nearest covenant. Montverte, as it happened. Covenants tend not to care what religion their covenfolk profess, and every covenant can use a skilled accountant.
The moneylender is dead now, but his daughter is still employed at Montverte as a scribe.

(Incidentally, as a historical note, the practice I described -- the three contracts differing in their terms -- was both real and disturbingly widespread. A good friend of mine wrote her doctoral dissertation on it. Her investigation started off pretty much as I said my character's did: she was reading a book with a description of a contract and a picture of the Hebrew version, and went "Hey, wait a minute, that's not at all what this says!")

Jonathan, does Stultus have any resources he brings with him? He is going to need both enough vis for the Longevity Ritual, and something ( vis, books, a magical item, lab assistance, etc) to offer whoever will be creating it. (Korvin, by preference, since he's the expert on the subject -- but since he is very truly run after like Old Man Kangaroo, I am going to need to make it worth his time.)

Sorry. Yes. Everyone gets a personal allocation of build points. I can't remember what it is for the life of me, right now. And I'm on my phone so it's difficult to search. Maybe looking in Tranquillna and Roberto's threads might be helpful?
I'll get back to you in the morning if you haven't found it or someone else hasn't chimed in.

What Jonathan has done in the past is give every player 75 Build Points (a la Covenants) of resources to add to the game: personal resources, or even features of the covenant that were previously undiscovered or unremarked-upon. For example, Tranquillina brought with her a couple of books (which she could have kept as personal belongings, presumably, but which she put into the library) and a couple of enchanted items, and also used some Build Points on a vis source on the covenant grounds that was only "discovered" once she arrived. Even a particular type of specialist would make sense - either someone who accompanied you from your previous home, or just a Mons Electi covenfolk who never showed up in stories until now. (Of course this is my best guess, not JL's official ruling, but I'm confident enough to suggest the system to you for your contemplation.)

On a related note, new members of Mons Electi will get (again, my educated guess) a slightly-better-than-standard laboratory: Size +1 with the Free Virtues (again, Covenants) Superior Construction, Superior Equipment, and Superior Tools. (Yes, we are rich!) Any additional buffs are on you.

Gotcha. Thanks. I'll detail Stultus ' contributions in a bit. :slight_smile:

10 points in Vis stocks: 50 pawns. 20 Corpus (he's been collecting for a while), the rest determined randomly.
1 pawn of Mu, Re, Aq, Co, He.
2 pawns of Au, Ig, Im
3 pawns of Pe, Me, Te, Vi
4 pawns of In
5 pawns of An

10 points: Rumpelstiltskin, a wooden frame, about 3 x 2 feet, with a huge metal comb set in it. The frame is carved into a likeness of a dwarf's head, with the opening serving as the dwarf's gaping mouth, comb tines passing for teeth. The comb is a lesser invested device.

  • Effect: Separate the Fibers, ReAn(He,Te) 20 (Base 1, +1 touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +1 Requisites, +1 Complexity)
  • Environmental trigger, 2 uses per day, final effect level 24
  • When Rumpelstiltskin is "fed" raw wool, the effect draws the fibers through the comb, collecting and discarding dust and twigs; straightens and breaks up the clumped fibers, and forms the fibers into a half-inch 'sliver' of wool, ready for spinning. (It's essentially a magical equivalent of a carding machine.)
  • Item was created specifically as a gift for Mons Electi once Stultus knew that's where he was going. Given a decent Aura, it would have taken 2 Seasons to enchant.

40 points: The Architect's Tool Chest, Summa on Magic Theory (Q: 12+1 (glossed), L9), by Hermanus of Tremere. Includes three spell lab texts:
2 points: "Exactly to Scale" (TL p. 139)
7 points: "A Simple Method of Rapid Vallation" (TL p.141)
6 points: Voice-range variant of "Tree Falling in the Forest" (Soc p.36)

Most of this will be donated to the covenant if things get that far.

0 points: Stultus' personal library. Aristophanes, Horatius Flaccus, Menander, Diogenes and the Cynics, etc. Mix of Classical Greek and Latin. Probably of no real use for learning Abilities, which is why they're 0 points.

Unless you are taking over the lab of a departed mage, I think you just get a +1 size lab. At least Jacques did when we arrived and there was no more labs from the original group to take over.