Stunts in FS2

Hello to all. I've been reading FS2 and while I've been quite enjoying it, I do have a question concerning stunts, primarily after coming off FS1. In FS1, stunts can be any number of things, shooting a gun out of someone's hand, catching them on fire with a magical blast, etc. However, in FS2, they work differently, more focused on doing things specific to the background. While the variation is interesting, how would you suggest running what would formerly be considered stunts, like called shots, or using a fire blast to catch them on fire?

I realize that it may be better to just relegate that to fluff, since blasts, and a variety of other shticks, are given more mechanical aspects. I think that is the idea anyhow, but asking never hurts, and so here I am.

You have read "Stunts" page 99 right? Stunts are generally a combination of doing damage with attacks and doing something else. Disarming a target or some other kind of called shot trick would count as a stunt in most cases. Stunts are also mentioned as a method of rearming when a player has been disarmed: p128.

Stunts either happen retroactively after a Boxcars success, or you can call them in advance but your opponent gets a +2 to their defense.

Schticks can do some of these things, but they tend to do it in other ways, often by costing Fortune/Chi or extra Shots, and including other features. In other words the Schticks should be better than doing something as a Stunt.

On page 99 it says you can do them when your Outcome is +4 or more. Doesn't say anything about a boxcars success. Although that would be good time to allow them too.


Right you are.

I read it. It says "Stunts must be situational to the particular fight at hand" and "They can't duplicate the effects of other maneuvers". Disarming an opponent isn't really situational (unless they're using something special/notable), and there are schticks (which is another maneuver) that causes that effect.