Sub Rosa #13: The Thirteenth House Unearthed!

Some secrets take longer to unravel than others, but you're certain to find these worth the wait...

Sub Rosa #13 emerges from the laboratory, flush with discovered wisdom and eager to share.

Inspired by our auspicious thirteenth issue, and the (relatively) recent Kickstarter suggestion, we present the Diedne issue! We've spared no expense, bringing you 108(!) pages of tantalizing material bound to fire your imagination, inspiring both unlikely allies and hidden antagonists. Almost double the length of our previous issues!

Our gorgeous cover is courtesy of the incomparable Jeff Menges, and our internal artists are the talented collection of Angela Taylor, Anoeska Buijze, Barrie James, Elizabeth Porter, Jason Tseng, and Patrick Demo.

We have exciting overview material from Mark Lawford and Gerald Wylie. Six fully playable takes on House Diedne from veteran contributors Ben McFarland and James Parks, Christian Anderson, C.J. Romer, Erik Dahl, and Matt Ryan and Tobias Wheeler-- as well as one from newcomer Mark Baker-- give this issue a real punch. Diedne creator, Naomi Rivkis expounds on the shadowy origins of the lost House, providing us tantalizing details.

But there's more to issue #13 than the followers of Diedne. Vulcanis Argens returns for another installment, and we have Redcap Training packages by Lachlan Hayes. Timothy Ferguson offers up the Divisible Men, a gruesome tradition out of the Slavic regions. Finally, Chad Bowser shows us the Lost City of Kitezh, a site of Mythic proportions from the steppes of the Novgorod Tribunal.

And there you have it! No initiation required, no oath demanded. Purchase your copy today!

As always, if you'd like to pick up an issue of Sub Rosa, send $4.50(US) for single issues, $13(US) for a troupe issue via paypal to once you've completed your order. We're working to change this arrangement, and we'll post as soon as we have a better option. We've been somewhat preoccupied with things we cannot talk about, but you're going to love. We promise. Swear it, even. On our familiars' lives. Trust us on this.

Five years into this, and you still need convincing? We've put together a short preview here!

Our policy of providing a free copy of issue #14 the first three reviewers of issue #13 still stands-- if you've got #13 and want #14 for free, let us know what you thought of this issue. Post your review and send us an email to We'll hook you up.

PERFECT. A Diedne sourcebook is precisely what I need right now. That, and a starting adventure for my new saga... still working on that....

Copy ordered.


Hey - how do I order back-issues? (Just pay 4.50 for each?)

Yes, and if you do it now, and send the email to, telling me what issues it's for, I'll send you the download links tonight.

Remember, we offer four issues for $16, too. (So 5 issues would be $20.50, 6 would be $25, but 8 would be $32)

And you can see the short list of contents for all issues, as well as links to reviews in this thread here.



EDIT - got finished reading the first main article, and it's pretty much EXACTALLY what I would want to read for an in-depth coverage of House Diende: an in-depth coverage of what is factually canon, what is canon-myth, and what are the common misconceptions.

This is an awesome issue and I just want to thank Ben and Mark for their hard work. The authors and artists involved did spectacular jobs. I got to work with my friend (and now contributing Ars author) Toby, who did piles more work than I did. Nice work everybody.

Matt Ryan

Thanks Matt, and a huge thanks to the other contributors. Actually, I think this issue is the biggest ever, with the largest number of line authors contributing and also probably the largest number of first-time contributors too, strangely.

Bbeyond the outstanding fully playable visions of House Diedne (including the very clever bonus Gaer Hill Letter by CJ Romer) from our esteemed line authors, I'm thrilled that we have articles from first-timers Mark Baker and Chad Bowser in addition to James Parks and Toby Wheeler providing assists on two of those Houses Diedne. Not only that, but talking to Naomi Rivkis about her experiences with the House back before even Fourth Edition was an absolute gift. As if that's not enough, we have articles from Lachie Hayes and Timothy Ferguson in there too. It just keeps giving.

We're also really fortunate that our great regular artists keep coming back to us, but I have to specifically mention Angela Taylor, Barrie James, and of course Jeff Menges as they keep surpassing themselves on our behalf with each issue; just look out for the Paris burning and the Wicker Man to see what I mean. Just brilliant.

If you've already picked up issue 13, please do let us know what you think. I know just how much work went into each article and I know it means a lot to the contributors to get feedback from readers. And of course it also helps us to determine what goes into future issues too. Ultimately though, we just hope you like it and that there's something in there for your own House Diedne.

The greatest thing about that summary by Gerald Wylie is that he wrote it back before the rest of us had finished our treatments, so we all had a great reference when developing different takes on the House. It really is comprehensive and enjoyable! I also love how everyone took a different spin on the Diedne and what they were doing, and also how they could come back to affect Mythic Europe in the present. Superb work, everyone!

The Gaer Hill letter was my little contribution, and offers a rather radical take, in fact possibly the most radical take ever, on House Diedne! I hope some people find it (it's bundled in the pdf as a beautifully presented handout by Mark Lawford, not in the issue itself) and are moved by curiosity to read it. :smiley: I'm really looking forward to finishing reading this issue, and only an insanely bizarre week's work has prevented me finishing it yet!

cj x

I was hoping this was the case, actually - that the other authors were able to use the first article as a base/check/resource for their own interpretations. Good to hear that's how it worked out!

This is why it works so well - there's a core "bible" of key elements by Gerard underpinning the other Diedne articles in the issue so it presents what is a toolbox for Storyguide's without nailing chamber pots - something difficult to achieve in an official supplement (although I think a sourcebook of multiple takes on the 13th House was discussed at some point as the only way to present them and keep them mysterious). CJ's way out Gaer Hill Letter was a nice Easter Egg (and beautifully presented - I must ask him how he did the formatting).

Sub Rosa IMO is an ideal vehicle for this kind of treatment of a contentious topic - I hope to see more similar "theme" issues in future.

For my part, I'm just thrilled my little article on Redcaps appears in such as stellar issue - I'm a bit awed by the company it keeps given the quality of the other contributions.



I didn't expect that, but I am now very eager to read it. This looks like a truly amazing issue !

Thanks to all the team for the hard work you put into this fine magazine !

I have to say that I'm quite pleased at the response, especially a couple of folks who picked up the whole catalog of SR.

Everyone really pitched in to make this a fantastic issue, and I think all the elements came together quite well. I'm looking forward to seeing a review or two, and honestly, I don't know that I can pick a personal favorite article.


I can't stop reading this issue. It's just awesome. Congratulations to everyone involved, really.

(And that wicker man drawing gave me the creeps...)

I'll pass that along to Barrie. I'm sure he'll be pleased.


The Gaer Hill Letter was the most amusing thing I've read in the issue. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks ! The other contributions would probably be more useful, but the Gaer Hill Letter wins on amusement value...

There's a simplicity of logic to the Gaer Hill letter I love, combined with its potential utility as a handout.


Great stuff! Coming to buy it. I doubt I will be able to write a review until next week 8so I guess it will be late, but here I come!) :smiley:

This is particularly well timed as I run a game set in 771.

The Gaer Hill letter is just plain amazing. Great revisionism of the info sources! I printed 4 copies of it already to be casually left on the gaming table.