Sub Rosa #7 bursts into being!

Sub Rosa #7 has arrived, with 76 mind-blowing pages of content. We've got two adventures-- a fae-focused tale by Mark Lawford and one from drawing on material from Rival Magic by Robin Bland. There's a comprehensive look at the population of the Theban Tribunal by forum regular Yan Prado. We've got articles on possession, Bruges, the Rubezahl, and Yair Rezek gives us an indepth treatment of the Mongolian witches! Add in the 1st Edition adventure, Whimsy cards, and character sheets, and you'd have to be taken over by a demon yourself not to want this issue!

The cover generously comes to us by Ars Magica veteran Jeff Menges, and we've got internal illustrations from regulars like Angela Taylor, Anoeska Buijze, and Jeff McFarland along with newcomers like Kyle Cabral, Barrie James, Jason Tseng, Gerald Wylie and our usual collection of woodcuts and freebies. There's almost as much art as article in here, and we think you're going to love Sub Rosa #7!

How can you get it? Just email us and send $4.50 (US) to via paypal, indicating you want Sub Rosa #7. We’ll get a link and password sent back right away. Download Sub Rosa #7, unzip it, and start reading. It’s that easy!*

As a bonus, the first three people who post a review of the Sub Rosa #7 issue will get Sub Rosa #8 free! Just email the link to the posted review and we’ll have the next issue ready for you August, free of charge.

Don’t wait and pick up your copy today!

Mark Lawford and Ben McFarland.

*Yes, we're working on that whole storefront issue. It's coming. We swear. Really! Seriously. We promise. What's more important? Storefronts, or undisclosed projects? Yes, we thought the same thing. :wink:

Sub Rosa #07 , page 03: The Ghost in the Show. :astonished:

Perhaps Timothy can write this for a later edition. :slight_smile:

Hmm. It's not like I think I could really be able to buy but when I went on the "subscribe" page... well this is empty.

My question was: you speak about dollars... but how does it works for those here who do not use dollars? Is there a platform like paypal or something ?

You can use paypal. That will cover all the currency conversions, etc.

The ghost in the show is the phantom of the opera. Easy :mrgreen:

This supplement is half a regular ars book in length!! :open_mouth: A quick perusal through the issue seems to be very interesting. The use of recent material to embed it in adventures and settings is pretty cool, and there are some articles on themes not touched in ArM5 yet :slight_smile: I will try to write a review, but being so long it might take a while!!!


Sent the payement 7 hours ago is it suppossed to take so long ?

I'm beginning to worry.

The 2 administrators of Sub Rosa do all this kind of stuff in their free time, so some delay is to be expected :slight_smile: They tend to be fast, though, so I would assume that you will get an answer soon enough :slight_smile:


Ok i thought there was some kind of automatic response, i can wait knowing that.

Thanks Xavi.

Can you pm me the email address you sent the paypal from? I have sent out responses to requests I've seen but apologies if you've slipped through the net. I'll check again and get you sorted out.


I did find one I missed. Apologies for that. I have just sent you the download link. Please let me know if you have any other problems with it.


Email Received, file dowloaded and unzipped.

Everything's ok.

Thanks for checking so fast.

Just a bit of a bump and reminder that the first three posted reviews of this issue will get Sub Rosa #8 for free!

Post your review and email us the url at: and we'll get you squared away. Just ask Xavi!