[Sub Rosa] Call for Articles for Issue 20

The theme for issue 20 will be...

Secrets & Lies

What secrets does the Order hide? What lies does your House tell their apprentices? What cults lie hidden behind the most successful of guilds?

What magic might be used to conceal or misdirect and what might see through the lies?

Or perhaps mystery stories and how to approach them.

Likely published June or July 2017, we're looking for articles that fit the theme through the end of March.

Interested in contributing but need more information? Ask away.

Articles should be anywhere from 750 words to 3000 words, and you'll receive a free issue of Sub Rosa where your article appears. You keep all the rights to your article, we just want to be able to republish it if we ever do a compilation.

Email your article (or your idea, if you want to riff on it or have questions) to subrosa@distantlandspublishing.com and we'll be happy to get you sorted. We're working on a firm deadline for this issue, but consider April 1st a good start unless you work it out with us, because this is a fanzine, and we've got some wiggle room.

(I'm not applying , but I have a simple question.)

If our English language is not good enough in our own perception, are you providing a reading/correcting thing, or are you just taking without any amend what is provided to you?

I try to fulfill the role of editor, so I do my best to provide feedback where I think it helps and to proofread the piece before and during layout.

So don't worry about language. That's something we can manage together.

And I've found so far that the writer's perception of their own language skills is often more harsh than it needs to be.