Sub Rosa Issue 4 out now

Hi all,

Sub Rosa Issue 4 has now been mailed out. If you are a subscriber, and
have not received your copy, please email me asap.

You can subscribe by visiting the website:


God's wounds! I won the swiving contest!

Can't wait to print this copy out and give it a read! The Templar art - very nice!


Good issue, guys. Very well done.

I've already had need to use Ben's Griffon's from a previous issue and I think I'll be breaking out the Harpies too.

This magazine is really shaping up nicely and it's great that we have David Chart and the nice people at Atlas taking time out to contribute.

If I contribute any more art, I definitely know how I'm going to alter it.

Of course you should submit more art! This fanzine will only continue to thrive if it receives more contributions. Just think how fantastic it would be to have enough material coming in that this could become bimonthly? :slight_smile: I know I'd love that...

Contribute! You know you want to!


I'd submit material other than art, but I have a full plate (school, writing, and job), and I can do art much faster.

Don't get me wrong! Art is just as important as text. People don't want to just stare at a page of text, they'd like a little something added to it.


I just downloaded the first four issues after dragging my feet for over a year. The issues look great. A big thank you to all involved

Nice! Got a favorite? :slight_smile: