[Sub Rosa] Looking for Artists for #8!

We're starting to put together issue #8 and it's time to begin gathering artwork-- if you've never done any art for Sub Rosa and you'd like to do some B&W illustration on the cheap, or if you've worked with us before and would like to do so again (still on the cheap, unfortunately!), well, shoot me an email:

To: brickk (at) gmail (dawt) com
Subject: [Sub Rosa] Issue #8 artwork (or "article")

and I'll get you set up with an assignment. It's first come, first served and we're hoping to get pieces back by the end of August. :smiley:

We love seeing new faces and new artists, and think it's a fine place to show the community (and the Line Editor) what you can do. We're looking to have an interview, some reports from both Grand Tribunals, an adventure, a companion, and more! If you've got an article idea and can have it ready by the 15th of August, we'll even try to put it in #8. This issue is looking to be great, and we'd love to have you be a part of it.