Sub Rosa Preview Now Available

Hi all,

There is now a preview of the first issue of Sub Rosa available for download.


  • Alex -

Looks good.

I'm glad to see David is going to be giving us updates on the line. I'm looking forward to seeing Art & Academe and RoP: Magic in print, finally.

Sub Rosa is now taking contributions for Issue 2. We are looking for articles, short stories, spells, sample magi, adventures, extra rules, new virtues, etc. We are also looking for illustrators.

Contribution guidelines are available from the Contribute link at the Sub Rosa website

All contributions should be new - ie, not have appeared in another publication or on the internet.

Email contributions, or proposals for contributions to:

The preliminary deadline for the second issue for content is:
Friday 30 November. All content for the second issue must be received by this date.