Subtle and Quick to Anger: I have made an ass of myself

Today at Gen Con Oz I was interviewed by Here Be Gamers about some Ars stuff, and in the podcast I said some things intended to be hurmorous about "Subtle and Quick to Anger", a scenario provided for Ars demos. On rested reflection, I have probably made a right fool of myself, and may have said things which could be cutting for the writers of SaQtA.

I would like, before the podcast hits the web, to unreservedly apologise for being a tool.

Shit happens.

You could try to very very nicely ask them to edit the "bad part" out. Probably wont work but it may, especially if they think they can get a favour or some goodwill out of it sometime.

Well, getting people to say funny and inappriopriate things is part of their I think I'll just wear it. Which is why I wanted to apologise in advance. :blush:

After checking, it looks like I wrote this.

Since I had to check to confirm that, I'm unlikely to be offended by anything you said about it. So no problem.