Suggestions for a Initiation Script

Kindly I would like to read your ideas about an Iniziation Script for a Merinita Maga willing to learn Arcadian Travel (a Minor Virtue) having a Mystagogue with (Presence + Merinita Cult Lore) = 7. Thanks you in advance for your suggestions!

Is there a reason not to use the one on page 80 of Mystery cults?

I don't see the cults as possessing lots of different initiation scripts for every possible level of presence + cult lore. Making new scripts uses the experimentation table and subjects the first initiate to all sorts of danger. while I know that there are good things on that table, I've never seen anything but woe come to those who use it.

Originality, Erik.

Initiation Scripts are treasures - known, reliable scripts, with the minimum requirements to gain power, are kept and handed down. It should be possible to adapt ancient lore, too, but that bit got missed out of TMRE...
Devising a brand new script requires Experimentation, which is dangerous (especially for the initiate - who often does not get what they asked for, and gets extra flaws as well). (And Experimenting on yourself to start a new cult, when you lack the virtue you hope to grant yourself - well, it is possible, but....

You can vary an existing script much more safely and easily - so cults often have a bunch of scripts with a common origin.
Note that the easiest modification is to add a new Quest or Ordeal (typically to cope with a poor grade Mystagogue), followed by changing details, and finally removing components is harder still.

Assuming that you're talking about a script used in game, to provide adventure hooks, rather than the character devising one ... serf's parma here, but some things which might be useful (sans numbers)are:
*Quest: Inserting one's self into the funeral parade of a noble, using the liminal nature of the road for the living and the dead to enter Arcadia and walk the Mother Road and take the grieving family with you. (Builds on stuff from RoP:F, I'm not sure how achievable it is.)
*Spend a season constructing a map of the local area's roads and features of interest. This must then be given freely to the first stranger you encounter past noon at the most significant crossroads of the area on the day after you complete it.
*Reenact the journey of Odyseus within a year, spending a season studying the residual faerie auras at at four major points within the story.
*Gain some flaw relating to navigation, such as being unable to give directions or read maps, at least not intelligably, as your directions involve things people don't normally see.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Thanks you very much Erik, I have forgotten the existence of this example. Hovewer I would like to change the base script in order to cover different degree of skills owned by different Mystagogues. Thanks also to the other customers for their suggestions