Summer 1202 up the rainbow bridge

"Other than cleaning any arcane connections we may have left behind? No, I don't think so. Let's head home." Alva begins blasting acid here and there, just to make sure, then offers a hand to Hugh.

Hugh says, "I have to do the actual magic first. But cover your ears for a moment." He will fill his lungs, then shouts as loud as he can in Latin, making his voice louder with non-fatiguing CrIm. "There is no place for you here! Begone, and do not return!" Then he moves to the cave entrance. "Stand clear of the entrance," he warns Alva. and with a loud voice and exaggerated gestures, casts a spell, touching the interior of the cave entrance to deliver his magic. He is liquifying the interior of the mountain above and below the cave, trying to minimize how much material flows out the entrance.

[Yes, I realize the Muspell probably can't understand him. He hasn't learned Norse yet. Spell Roll is on discord.

liquified 10,000 cubic feet, rolled a 10 on finesse to manage the liquifaction safely.]

the liquified rock flows into the cavern, there may well still be a hollow space back in the mountain somewhere, but the entrance at least is very well blocked and what was in the cave is, at a minimum, very well trashed and imbedded in rock.

Hugh dusts his hands together in satisfaction. "There. I think we can head back now." He looks at Alva. "I can make us a little bigger, if you want, but not like before. He may be lurking around so we should be on our guard."

"I'd say that's a task accomplished. Let's head home, visit Heimdallr and see about these connections." Alva stretches her limbs, ready to leave.

Hugh nods and they will set off - a longer walk back then it was to get there.

It will take multiple days to walk back over land, how are you handling overnight arrangements?

As they start to walk back, Hugh realizes how long it will take, and asks Alva, "Shall I make us big so we can get back quicker? Or do you have a way to make us shelter on the way?"

"Can't we use your Merinita talent to head back home? I don't mean to inquire to deeply but I thought you would use that." Alva holds her chin for a moment, thinking. "Striding sounds nice. I could also try allowing us flight, using a spontaneous spell. I think. Or we could find ourselves a bolthole and bar it up with rocks...which should hold against a Muspelli attack I hope."

Hugh pauses, thinking. "Well... I would have to make a new painting. But you're right, that might be quicker. I think I kind of annoyed Heimdall before by using that, though, so it's probably better not to, at least until I talk to him again. Flight sounds fun! Let's do that!"

Alva begins counting and frowns. "It'll be a slow flight, about a third magnitude spell is the best I can manage. I think we may be better off going your way. We could hope Heimdallr will be merciful since we've accomplished our task..."

Hugh looks around. "Honestly, probably quicker and easier to just do the striding." He whispers, "Just suspend your you-know-what for a second." When he sees her concentrate, he casts a spell, touching her hand, and she grows to a height of 32 feet. A moment later, he casts again, on himself, growing to the same size.

[rolls on Discord]

Alva sighs for a moment as she increases in size. "Thank you Hugh. I'm sorry that I couldn't help you all that much." She stretches her limbs. "I wonder what the Muspelli would think of us strange giants."

"Hopefully fear us enough to avoid crossing our path or angering us. I expected to prevail in a confrontation, but I'd feel better knowing we didn't have an enemy on the loose out there somewhere." He looks around. "It is fun to be big, isn't it? I normally travel as a bear, this is quite different."

The painting was a permanent charm, you would not need to make another one.

He didn't roll well enough to get permanent on the one for the regio, the Durenmar one was permanent.

Given how quickly, relatively speaking, a permanent charm could be made I would have thought he would try again, but okay...
at +2 size you travel far more slowly than you did getting to the mountain, and still need to camp for the night. At sunset the spell ends and you return to your regular size.

+7 size, not +2 +2 magnitudes, sorry if that was unclear.

Also, wasn't assuming he'd have painting supplies along.

it was not- you still don't have quite the speed of travel you had at +9 size, when night falls you are still not back to the covenant, but you are within a couple of hours travel from there.

Hugh casts a quick spell on himself, making his eyes glow like those of a cat, and turns to Alva. "You can see in the dark already, can't you? The fae seems to be very strong within you. I suggest we press on."

[nonfatiguing non-rolling is enough for Per/Ind/Sun eyes of the cat]