Summer 1222 Tribunal: The Tournament

One magus is in the crowd, when he sees this says to all the magi who are nearby, "That's bad form, indeed it is. Any apprentice who has learned the least little bit about Bonisagus' theory knows that was not a single spell, but in fact copies of the same spell. Each spell carries their own chance of failure or success. Yes, quite bad form. Would seem that the competition is rigged in his favor. Why I know a Tytalus in Normandy who would love to come compete here under these rules. Charming fellow name of Marcus. Poor chap got his legs taken out from under him when he was in the Sinai. Still gets around quite well, though." The only thing that stops the magus from droning on is a sneezing fit. "Damnable hayfever!"

For purposes of engagement, Attravere happens to be seated not far from the talkative magus nods in agreement at the first bit regarding multi-casting being separate spells, but then starts to lose interest when the subject detours into members of House Tytalus in other tribunals. Does Attravere recognize who the sneezing magus might be?

With a Perception of 2 and Awareness of 3, even while in the midst of a sneezing fit, Tektonius can see a magus nodding absently in agreement. After the fit he goes over and introduces himself. Tektonius appears to be a decade older than Attravere, and his brown hair has flecks of gray in it. "Look sharp their, my good man. I'm Tektonius, pleased to meet you." He's dressed in scholar's robes, standing out from everyone, except probably the magi of Schola Pythagoranis. "I see you agree with my assessment. Not many magi or magae around here who have the courage to stand up for what's right, nowadays!."

"Ah, a pleasure. I'm Attravere." Attravere might seem uncomfortable to the other member of House Mercere he as undoubtedly sitting with. "Well, as you say, it seemed obvious that it was not a single spell."

Then in a quieter tone, though by no means a whisper, "I'm somewhat partial to the idea that inventiveness, some lateral thinking and not brute-force alone should determine this contest. I've no doubt that Focus would be positively formidable in real combat, but a contest isn't real combat then, is it?"

Once the next match begins he'll quiet-up and nod toward the contestants.

Focus narrows his eyes on the heckler. "The rules of the competition are clear; no restrictions against multicasting were presented. If you have some trouble with the contest as presented, I would be happy to satisfy your implicit challenge for Certamen."

Gavril seems rather cross, but unwilling to speak up (likely because he wants to avoid sounding like a whiner).

Sinmore smiles at the effect of her spell, actually more than a little surprised she managed to pull it off in time. (For the record I forgot to subtract 10 from the spell total for fast casting, but that still left it over half the BoAF level)

"My turn!" she announces as she casts her own Ball of Abysmal Flame. "Catch!"

Spell casting roll:
1d10+32 → [2,32] = (34) 34

The aura isn't added in yet, assuming it's at least +1? Spell cast, no fatigue.

In case it hasn't been rolled yet, Initiative: 1d10-1 → [3,-1] = (2) 2 Should be pretty easy for him to make his Fast cast roll I bet. :confused:

"Attravere. Where have I heard that name before... Seems familiar." ((Is there anything denoting that Attravere and the other member of House Mercere (magical) are magical Merecere?))

"True, but those who do well at this contest tend to do well in combat, and vice versa. That Marcus I mentioned earlier competed at the Normandy Tribunal last year. He was quite cunning, as he made almost all his spells appear to be of another form, confusing his opponents.. The crowd called him 'lightning fire' because his attacks were almost exclusively fire based, but he appeared to be casting Auram spells, well that, and he was quick as lightning, too. Rarely was there any back and forth between him and his competitors, he struck first and moved on. Won the Dimicatio, and some say he conspired to throw the last contest to that upstart covenant Mons Electi. The chosen, indeed! And the scandle, oh my heavens, as his prize Marcus took the Tribunal's sole source of Intellego, based on his coenobium's ranking. Put the members of House Guernicus into fits of apoplexy!"

"By all means, issue your challenge. My calling your tactics bad form is not an implicit challenge, no such thing exists within the Code, to my knowledge. Perhaps you need to make an explicit challenge if you wish for me to withdraw my remarks?"

((I hear the wha-wha-wha of a gun fight brewing.))

A woman's voice cheers raucously, "GIDEON!!! huzzah!" and a handful of children scream, "Go Dad!" as Deiectus freezes the fireball in mid-air.

He makes a show of appearing bored as he ripostes with an Incantation of Lightning. (CT needed to counter: 18.)

Nope. They avoid any such identifiers as a matter of solidarity with the majority of their House.

Most magical Merceres neglect to identify themselves as such when they deliver letters.

"I have no problem with the contest as it stands. If you wish to overturn it, it is your right to challenge me, and I will accept. If you are too cowardly, then there is no reason for you to expect anyone here to be impressed with your nattering."

((This would not have happened during another match, even though the posts are comingled with different timed events, it would have been just after his match. But yes, Tektonius would have said it loud enough for Focus to hear. Bad form.))

Attravere raises an eyebrow to Tektonius at Focus' remarks, as it seems the figurative spotlight has suddenly shifted. When Tektonius responds Attravere will take a brief step back, as he doesn't wish to be involved the sudden hulabaloo.

(Attravere is actually dressed much like the other Mercere present, red cap, tan vest, no cape. NO CAPES!)

(I'm curious what sort of venue we're actually located in - might we get a description?)

The contests are held in a grassy clearing outside the entrance to Blackthorn's caves. The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze, though all the local fauna has been chased off by all the loud noises.

((Assuming we can adjust the timing of events...))

"See here, my good man, I have every right to call your tactics bad form. You have every right to dispute them. If you wish me to publicly withdraw my comments you have but one alternative. Yes, you won by rules that are barbaric and rigged in your favor. Next Tribunal, I'll invite that Marcus I mentioned. You and he can have a go at it flinging dozens of fireballs at each other all the live long day. But he's very quick, faster than you, I dare say."

Focus smiles. "This would not be the first time a Bonisagus found Flambeau contests too hot for their liking. If you do not wish to back up your whinging with any action, it is your own prerogative to be known throughout the Tribunal as a simpering windbag. By all means, invite your friend along, if you're not man enough to challenge me yourself."

"I'm not whinging. I'm also no idiot. Your obviously an Ignem specialist, you wish me to challenge you so you can choose ignem. Go ahead, carry on, win the competition this Tribunal. I'll just enjoy the other competitors. And as to my knowledge of the rules of the Dimicatio, it says cast a spell at one's opponent. A spell, 1 spell. More than likely you're gifted in mastering spells, much like my friend Marcus. Some of us have different gifts." Tektonius shrugs, and indicates he's done with this particular magus. "Best get ready for your next event, the crowd will be awash in anticipation, I'm sure." Tektonius says this last as if he were dismissing a student from his classroom.

((Note, if the rules allowed multicasting, then very few outside of those with Flawless Magic would even bother competing, and the contest would lose a lot of appeal. Contests like this have a fair amount of honor invovled, and yes, Tektonius did publicly sully his honor, but it's fair to call a cad a cad. If the cad wants the comment withdrawn, it's up to the cad to issue the challenge. I can't honestly see how the magi and magae who watch this spectacle could see it differently, and I'm indifferent as to whether Tektonius has made an enemy because of this.))

"Your paltry attempts to goad me into issuing a challenge of certamen are because you fear my mastery of Ignem? Need I remind you that both participants in a certamen have a veto? If you wish to dispute the matches as they currently stand, I have already informed you that I will accept your challenge, and furthermore I declare that if you issue such a challenge, I will not choose Ignem. There is nothing I stand to gain by challenging some loudmouthed tourist to a certamen, and you will not goad me into it. If you continue your line of insults, however, you will receive a sternly-worded letter upon the next lunar cycle."

Are you kidding? I feel like I'm aiming at a moving target with you, honestly, it's a bit unfair.
If it's not a Dimicatio, it's called something. If it's called something else, then it has rules. If it has rules, they're probably published, since all the spectators can read. If they're published and multicasting is allowed, then I wouldn't have said anything.

You, in the first post called it dimicatio.