Summer/Autumn 1220, Chapter 3b: Vis Gathering

Attravere will proceed to Rego Vim the vis into the delightful pawn-form, as beloved of his house.

The shimmering in the air vibrates hard as Attravere casts his spell, but the vis does not consolidate. Just as he wonders what's going on, he hears an annoyed voice shout, "Hey! Back off! Schola Pythagoranis has this vis source claimed."

"DEAR Lucia, Gallus Florensis has this source claimed." Attravere will reply so as to be audible to her, but without ceasing his spell (and if possible he will slow his spell a little).
Then, "I'll stop if you do." and listen for a reply. If he hears a positive he will stop, if not he will continue.

She agrees. As you both drop your spell, she insists, "That's impossible. There was no claim registered when we entered our claim, in April 1218, and I have harvested this vis for the past two years with no issue."

"Wait. What? Why would you lay claim to our vis source? It has been registered to Gallus Florensis since before my Gauntlet, several years ago."

"It was up for grabs. If we didn't claim it, Goliard would have, and that would be disastrous for all. The last thing Blackthorn needs is more power. But feel free to contest our claim at the next Tribunal; I registered our claim fairly and in full accordance with the peripheral code and established precedent, AND I have possession." She smiles cheerfully and puts a cork stopper on the glass vial (which now appears to be full of glitter; everyone REALLY should shape vis into pawns, but some don't). "Pleasure doing business with you, sir." She turns to the other magus: "Iapetus, I regret that our second meeting was not under more pleasant circumstances, but congratulations on winning the contest! I look forward to seeing you again."

((Lucia cast her Rego Vim silently and without gestures, while she was talking.))

Reflecting on the deceit of non-Mercere Magi. "I see. I suppose I can claim I was distracted by your beauty.
Glancing down for a moment and sighing, "Nevertheless that was unkind. It appears in your manner to say one thing and then do another. Thank you for the lesson, though I had hoped for better." he'll end with a somewhat bitter smile.

Iapetus lets out a mournful sigh, his half-closed eyes flicking over to Lucia and giving her a rather amused smile. "My dear Maga Lucia, it is... an akward pleasure to see you again, to be sure. We must find some way that our next meeting is less at odds." The Spaniard turns from the cavorting mermaids and walruses to give the Schola Maga a more honest smile and gives a shrug. "You do understand my disappointment at this clashing of wills. I hope, at least, you found a good harvest from our Vis source?" A subtle ephasis in the word 'our' implies the source is contested rather than claimed.

Looking back to Attravere, the Tytalus slightly narrows his eyes in an almost lazy feline way before smiling to the Mercere. "I do believe the lovely maga is turning our mermaid back into a walrus."

(As a reminder, you're entirely within your rights to challenge for the vis by certamen.)

I'm not sure how I forgot about this thread entirely.

Are Iapetus and Attravere letting Lucia take the vis without challenge?

If so, we should resolve the Herbam vis source. And if not, let me know who will be challenging her to certamen.

"A walrus wouldn't walk away with our vis in this manner." Attravere sighs out, with decidedly less subtlety on the 'our'. "So, it is time to resort to certamen, isn't it Lucia?"

"If you wish... I have time to spare. Name your technique."

Taking a moment to adjust his seashell crown, brushing some stray hair back from his face, Iapetus steps up next to Attravere and rests a hand on his shoulder. "Sodales," he tells his covenant-mate, "Although I do understand your eagerness, with such a lovely maga to stand against, I would have to make a claim for the chance to compete against her myself. Let me step forwards and take the challenge of competition to stand for our great source of Vis."

Iapetus briefly thinks it would be rather appropriate for the mermaids to start delighting at the chance for a show, since they've proven to be such fabulous audience.

Attravere looks to Iapetus.

"Truly? Very well, I suppose we both have good reasons to wish to compete with her for our vis."

Then glancing back to Lucia and crafting the hint of a smile.

"Do you have a preference between the two of us?"

(While a Charm roll might not be appropriate given the situation, Attravere is going to be watching closely for Lucia's reaction - (Folk Ken) 3 + (Com) 1 + (invisible Castle is down) = 4 + ? [will edit once invisiblecastle comes back up])

(Invisible Castle has been down for days.)

Lucia smiles coyly. "That's a terribly forward question... I would not wish to give offense to either of you by answering such a pointed question. No, it would be better for me to simply tell you that I find you both quite charming."

Attravere gets nothing off her from Folk Ken. She seems entirely unperturbed by the prospect of magically dueling either of you... but then, she's a Jerbiton, and they tend to hone their social skills.

"Whomever chooses a Technique first, will get priority," she says with a smile.

Iapetus meets Attravere's gaze for a moment, a bit of mental calculation before he turns his full attention to the charming Jerbiton. "I suppose it would be proper to do this in correct form, wouldn't it, my dear maga. I would like to issue a challenge of Certamen for possession of the Vis just collected from our this source." He pauses, his eyes closing a brief moment as he balances odds in his mind. "As much as I hate having the term assigned, I suppose I would be the aggressor, so I would prefer Muto as my chosen Technique." Only when he finishes speaking does he open his dark eyes again to see her response.

"More fitting to call you a challenger, I think," she says with a smile, "And one which I accept. Mentem shall be the form."

Iapetus gives her a very formal bow, his gaze never leaving her - not in a wary way, but more because she's an attractive and powerful maga. Fully knowing that she can penetrate his parma with her Mentem rather easily, the Tytalus still feels he should take the challenge, learn and survive. After all, it won't kill him.

[size=85]Yay, my first Certamen. Using Muto defense since I know she's going to trounce me, and my only chance of winning is by her getting unlucky and botching while distracted by my manly charms.[/size]
Initiative: +3
Attack (Mentem): +3
Defense (Muto): +9
Weakening: +6
Resistance: +7

Total initiative 9
Total Attack 6
Total Defense 13

The merfolk, walruses and seals, and a good handful of the assorted musicians crowd forward to watch the interaction.

Iapetus wins initiative, and as a ghostly phantasm appears before Iapetus and surges forward, the crowd of faeries cheer! The phantasm melds into the ghostly specter before Lucia, but it bounces away harmlessly (your attack did not overcome her defense). The crowd goes, "Awww..."

Lucia's spectre then jumps on Iapetus' spectre and seems to injure it (she has 6 points of advantage, + 2 weakening; 8-7=1), knocking Iapetus down by a fatigue level (Note that if he chooses to expend a Confidence point on his defense this round, the advantage won't be sufficient to overcome his resistance this turn).

Iapetus has no worries about expending his confidence to be more confident! He is unflappable, very much not flapped!