Summoning a Sword Spell?

Shouldn't the range be personal? After all, it's the sword itself that's teleporting...

I was thinking about that, wasn't sure. Do you think so? That would make each enchantment only level 40 then. I would say to take the savings and add +3 for Mental Link (linking it to an appropriate InMe enchantment), and another +5 for Fast Trigger (gaining a +3 on Initiative). That makes each enchantment ReTe48. Each takes up 5 pawns of space, plus two pawns for the InMe effect makes 12 pawns total. And at least three seasons of Attunement.

Or if you want to be really cheep, just the two simple ReTe40 effects for 8 pawns. :smiley:

Yes, that's right. I was forgetting we're thinking about enchantments instead of spells.

This is not right. The range to your Talisman is always the actual range to your Talisman, unless you happen to be touching it, in which case it counts as range Personal.

You always have an Arcane Connection to your Talisman.

These don't work.

As Sol Invictus says, if it is the Talisman that is teleporting the effects only need to be range Personal.

Fly To Me My Sword
ReTe 45
R: Personal, D:Mom, T:Ind
This effect teleports the Talisman sword to the location of the Talisman owner.
(Base 35) +10 Unlimited Use

Fly From Me My Sword
ReTe 45
R: Personal, D:Mom, T:Ind
This effect teleports the Talisman sword to a location that the caster has an Arcane Connection to.
(Base 35) +10 Unlimited Use

(You might be able to argue that only one effect will do).

The problem is how to activate the first effect (the one to summon the sword). You need to have some sort of linked Intellego Effect (probably, at Arcane Connection range) built into the Talisman that detects when the caster wants the sword.

The problem with that is that as the Intellego effect is not Personal (which it can't be because the caster isn't Touching the sword, yet), then it needs to penetrate his magic resistance. So either the Intellego effect needs lots of penetration or the caster needs to lower his Parma Magica when he wants to get his sword. Both of which have problems.

Actually, the summoning teleport effect needs penetration too (or the owner needs to lower his Parma to allow the sword to arrive).

So, here's my attempt at the mind-reading power:

Sensing the Master's Distress
InMe 49
R: Arcane Connection, D:Constant (Sun), T:Ind
This effect senses the magus' surface thoughts, thus allowing the summoning effect to be triggered by his willing the sword to his side.
(Base 15, +2 Sun, +4 Arcane Connection, +1 2 uses/day, +3 environmetal trigger)

That got me wondering for a bit, too. But I think I found a good (and relatively simple) solution to this. By making the effect continuous, the magus has only to activate it once, and it then stays working (in theory) forever. Thus, he only has to lower his parma once; probably in the safety of his lab, after he's done enchanting it.

Yeeeah... Couldn't solve this one... Seems kinda adequate, though: the magus has to briefly concentrate and lower his defenses to summon his artifact of power to his side.

Anyway, the first effect's level goes up by 3 levels, due to the linked trigger, for a total level of 48. The banishing effect stays the same.

The problem with this is that he would be forced to add penetration to all effects, in order to fight magi. On the plus side, this would remove the necessity of lowering the parma during the summoning round.

Seems fine to me.

Of course, once you've got the mind-reading power in the Talisman, you could use it to activate other effects too.

I think that mostly works. Although he'll probably need to activate it more than once. As it has no penetration the mind reading effect will fizzle if he happens to wander into a hostile aegis.

Also, it means that the magus is continuously under a mystical effect, which means he will get Warping, and he will also be resisted by magic resistance.


Whilst that's true, the corresponding guidelines for move metal unnaturally and move humans unnaturally are ReTe5 and ReCo15 respectively, so taking that as a guideline to guidelines, the baseline for teleporting metal would be no higher than 25, and I'd favour 20, since the guidelines are non-linear. (The guideline for teleporting immaterial entities of all forms from an unknown location to the caster being 15).

Taking that into account, the spell becomes
ReTe55 (or 60) (Base 25, +4 Arcane Connection, +1 Concentration, +1 or 2 for complexity)
Which does put it firmly in the ritual category. This seems rather a pity, since it's the sort of thing a I think a magus should be able to do, but it is at least self-consistant.

The preprepared enchanted items people have been discussing do seem to be a better way to do it in setting.

The "high level is rituel" rule is a matter of choice by the troupe...

In this case, i would allow it being non ritual.
But i don't understand:
+1 or +2 complexity?? why?
and i can't afford the "duration" of the effect then let's go the the starting place. For me, the duration is the duration during which the itme, no matter where you move it, will be teleported back to the place you are.

Being a rego spell, his effects don't end (= things coming back at what they were) when the spell end.

And, for me you are mistaking the base level:

you need to transport something AT YOU (so, at 5 paces max!) its not 35 base... 35 base is for you to go at an arcane connection!

The level to bring an arcane connection thing to you is in Corpus 10 (+4 for Arc range) = 30...

So, if Terram is more easy that's a 20.

So 20 spell for invoking the sword, or 25 (base 5 + 4 arcane)
and 40 (base 35 +1touch) for revoking.

The 2 in 1 is not possible imo.

For a standard spell, that would be the case, yes. In this case, the OP explicitly wanted a spell which was a temporary movement, effectviely holding it in place. Now, you could argue that Hermetic magic (or the medieval paradigm) can't do temporary dislocations, and then yes, it would require two spells. Such a borrowed sword is not, however, forbidden by any of the Limits of Magic.

The guidelines specify the distance travelled. The Range is the range to the thing being targetted, not the distance to the arcane connection. The spell Leap of Homecoming doesn't use Arcane Connection Range because the range is Personal - it only moves the caster. Thus to affect something at AC range you need a guideline which allows arbitrary distances and the Range modifer to reach the target. To teleport a man five paces to his left, three hundred miles away, is Base 10, +4 magnitudes for AC range. Summoning physical things to you is difficult.

The guidelines is refering (for the "move") to the caster.

The thing affected is designed by the range and individual part of the spells.

But do like you want, it doesn't matter to me, i find useless to summon a sword i could carry with me.

Very limited thinking my friend. What if you wind up being captured & disarmed? What if you are in a place where a sword is not allowed, but you suddenly need one in an emergency? What if you are in the bath and some hoods show up? And what about the sheer coolness factor? :smiley:

Nobody captures me. Kill them, touch them and then PeCo or CrIg them with some nice penetration, teleport yourself, never be visible...
I don't need weapons and if i needed one, it wouldn't be a so easily noticeable weapon. :smiley:

I don't follow. Do you mean that you feel the guideline refers to the distance from the caster to which the target is moved, rather than the distance moved? If so, it is easier to teleport a man from the other side of the world to next to you than to teleport a man next to you to the other side of the world, which seems a little wonky to me.

The distance of the movement doesn't really matter.
What matters its the movement from the caster and the thing affected.

Its easier to make something appears near you than on the other side of the world. And it's easier to teleport yourself than a thing on the other side of the world.

The most difficult thing being to teleport someone to a side of the world to the other, you being on the middle.

But feel free to play with HR if you want. Like I say, i was just giving MO.

I admire your moxie :wink:

I don't think you are reading the ReCo guidelines correctly at all. The distance in the guidelines for the various teleport spells is the distance that the target teleports.

For example: "Level 10, Transport the target instantly up to 5 paces", teleports the target a distance of 5 paces.

Exactly where the target is, before it is teleported, in relation to the caster is determined by the range of the effect. So, the target could be the caster (Personal range), someone he touches (Touch range), someone he can see (Sight range) etc.

Of course, you can say that there is some kind of scaling factor involved, if you like, when converting guidelines from one Form to another. On the other hand, to ward a target against people is ReCo 15, and to ward a target against metal is likewise ReTe 15, which would suggest that there is no scaling factor.

It depends on what you think is equivalent.

::grins:: I think that the warding rules are utterly inconsistent with themselves and everything else and in desperate need of rewriting.

I tend to look for consistency within forms and then compare that between forms. Each form has different difficulties for different things, and I rather like that, and so try to eyeball relative power within the ranks.

Well i must say the idea i was defending was so strongly in my head and agreed by my troupe that i"ve never looked back to the source...

I have to talk about it to my SG!

Thanks for opening my eyes.

I'd design it with a 'transplant' arcane connection object. A hunk of metal from the same ingot the sword was forged it, or perhaps two halves of a jewel, one in a ring and the other on the sword. Then you design a teleport effect into each with a trigger that when one 'shows up' the other teleports to where it just was.