Sundered Eagle: time for heavy artillery

Who said that the Titans were trapped? Seems someone botched big time.

As I watched the video I was thinking that they need to call the Order for the heavy hitters. Hedgies and Mythic companions are not gonna cut it in a realistic setting :mrgreen:

You are right, but we are on Twilight lands, je, just wait to the Amazon armies.

I once planned a saga along these lines - with the Titans rising as the last pockets of paganism are eradicated from Europe. Never got to play it out, though.


But i can call this...

...and Kimba the white lion is his name...


Hmm, at 0:30, isnt that Sakon/Ukon, the mr 2 in 1 guy... I think someone got "inspired"(unless i missed something from mythology?)... :mrgreen:


I suppose tht the two on one guy are Gerion or Hecatonchiro like being